A revival of ultra-fast supersonic jet travel is getting closer to reality – take a look at the prototype launch in October


  • The aeronautical start-up Boom Supersonic is about to bring back the supersonic journey of passengers with its flagship plane Overture.
  • The opening prototype and demonstrator, the XB-1, will be unveiled in October and plans to take flight in 2021.
  • If the XB-1 has a successful test flight program, the Opening could fly in the next 10 years, bringing the supersonic trip back to the public.
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It’s been 17 years since the last supersonic passenger flight and the wait for the next one is almost over.

For more than three decades, supersonic commercial travel had been dominated by the Concorde, the only successful supersonic passenger jet. It was considered the pinnacle of luxury air travel. The Concorde was renowned for quickly transporting passengers across the Atlantic in record time.

This era of supersonic flight, unfortunately, is over and at the time of Concorde’s demise, no one knew when it would return in the form of high costs and a public relations disaster marked the legacy of Concorde. A company is working to end the supersonic hiatus with a new high-speed plane to pick up where Concorde left off.

Boom Supersonic is among those looking to restore the former supersonic glory to commercial travel with its new jet, the Overture. The $ 200 million plane aims to gain height with passengers over the next 10 years and use alternative fuels.

The firm has just announced that the Overture demonstrator, the XB-1, will be deployed in October. The prototype will then take off in 2021 in preparation for the aerial debut of Overture scheduled for the mid-2020s.

Take a look at the Opening and its next prototype, the XB-1.


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