A large number of Quebec stars facing allegations of sexual harassment and assault


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TV host Maripier Morin was accused by singer Safia Nolin of sexually harassing her in a bar two years ago. Allen McInnis/Montreal Gazette files

In recent days, Juripop, an inexpensive Montreal-based legal clinic, has been inundated with messages from people claiming to have been victims of assault and / or sexual abuse. This was spurred by the new wave of allegations on social media.

Juripop executive director Sophie Gagnon said in a phone interview Thursday that the organization has received hundreds of messages over the past two weeks and has so far turned over around 300 files to lawyers with whom they working.

“One in five people who contact us comes from the arts and entertainment industry, which is really out of proportion to the relative weight of this industry in Quebec,” said Gagnon. “What this tells us is that even after #MeToo and even after the fall of Gilbert Rozon and Éric Salvail, people in the arts and entertainment industry still feel that there is too much stigma or too much professional fees to be paid if you run against someone who usually gives them work.


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