A bat found in the trunk of the car after a 500-mile trip from France to County Durham


An illegal bat went from France to County Durham in the trunk of a car (Photos: RSPCA)

A bat shocked vendors at a County Durham showroom when it was discovered in the trunk of a car after a 500-mile cross-Channel trip from France.

Last week, workers at a showroom in Hartlepool, County Durham, found the 10 cm unexpected visitor in the back of a red Vauxhall Grandland X.

Although initially surprised, staff managed to safely contain the bat in a cardboard box before calling the RSPCA for assistance.

In a stroke of fate, Shane Lynn – the RSPCA animal collection agent sent to save the bat – is a former showroom employee and was delighted to return to his former workplace for the gentle recovery mission.

He said, “I must have been amazed when I got the call! The little pipistrelle bat appears to be a real Joker and has traveled at least 800 km (500 miles) from its home in the trunk.

“The cheeky beast was clearly Robin” an elevator – although I don’t know if he planned to end up in the North East of England!

“The bat – about 10 cm wide – was found when the car arrived in the showroom and the staff were very scared! Fortunately, despite his adventure, he did not seem to be worse for wear.

Bat traveled from France to Durham in the trunk of a car photos: RSPCA

After its 500-mile journey, the pipistrelle bat was a bit lethargic (Photo: RSPCA)

Upon discovery, the bat appeared to be lethargic, so it was taken to a local veterinarian for examination while recovery was reported to the Bat Conservation Trust.

Shane added, “When you work with animals, you never really know what will happen next – and we get unstable calls to help animals in strange situations, like this little furry cross-channel!

“But it is always very rewarding to be able to help an animal in need and to make sure that it is safe and healthy. ”

Unless the bat ends up in another car on an international trip, he will now have to find a home for himself in the UK, as they plan to release him soon into the wild.

The rescue officer said, “This little one is now with a bat healer and will be released into the wild once he is strong enough and healthy. Pipistrelle bats are common in the UK, so we can release him here and he should join a local colony and do well.

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