98% of Alberta Doctors Don’t Trust Minister of Health, WADA Survey Says


The overwhelming majority of Alberta doctors have no confidence in provincial health minister Tyler Shandro, according to a poll released Wednesday by the Alberta Medical Association.The association, which represents more than 13,000 doctors in the province, said nearly 98% of the 8,900 members who voted this week expressed a lack of confidence in Shandro.

The president of the association, Dr Christina Molnar, said the message from doctors “could not be clearer” and that the vote should dispel any doubts about the unity of the profession vis-à-vis the Minister of Health.

“They don’t trust the Minister of Health and his ability to do what’s right for the public health system, and they don’t trust him,” Molnar said at a press conference Wednesday morning. . “Over the past year, the words and actions of Minister Shandro have created a chaotic state in our health care system and have alienated most of the people who are really responsible for the delivery of care in Alberta.

Molnar said she would now write to Prime Minister Jason Kenney to request a meeting. If doctors do not trust the minister, the association will look to the premier for help negotiating a new provincial deal with doctors, she said.

“It’s a toxic situation and the doctors have had enough,” Molnar said.

The kid with the doctors lasts for months

The association has been in a battle with the United Conservative Party government since last fall, when the province first proposed changes to the way doctors are paid.

The government also gave the minister the legal power to terminate the province’s framework agreement with doctors, which Shandro did in February, unilaterally imposing a new pay structure.

The association then launched a lawsuit against the government, claiming that it had violated the rights of doctors recognized by the Charter. The government’s statement of defense asserted that the association had no right to collective bargaining or access to arbitration. None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Doctors from at least 10 communities have said they intend to withdraw their services from local hospitals or leave the city. This prompted Shandro to approach the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta to demand that the regulatory body prevent physicians from leaving communities en masse.

Early Tuesday morning, Shandro successfully amended a health bill before the legislature to require doctors to publicly disclose the benefits they receive from the government. Bill 30, the Health Statutes Amendment Act, was passed by the legislature early Wednesday morning during an all-night sitting.

Some doctors have said they do not object to the disclosure of the money they receive from the government, as long as the government makes it clear that the gross salary includes overhead, money for staff salaries and others. expenses.

Shandro said during the debate that he was open to discussing with doctors how their compensation would be published.


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