8 COVID positive people attended Kelowna events and businesses


VANCOUVER – Health officials have issued a public warning about possible exposure to COVID-19 in Kelowna after several people with the virus spent time in downtown and surrounding areas of the city. Interior Health said eight COVID-19 carriers were traveling to private gatherings, bars, restaurants and other businesses in these neighborhoods between June 25 and July 6.

The search for contacts is currently underway, but the health authority said that people who may have been exposed to the virus should in the meantime monitor the symptoms.

“Given the number of cases and potential locations involved, we urge everyone who participated in events during these dates to closely monitor symptoms,” said Interior Health in a review.

Officials have not released a list of events or companies where the exhibitions may have taken place, but have stated that the more significant events on Canada Day and the holiday weekend are “of concern.” particular ”.

The health authority told CTV News that its investigation is still ongoing and that it is working directly with companies that have been identified as potential exposure points.

Six of the eight HIV-positive people identified as COVID live outside the inland health region, officials said. Investigators are still determining how they originally came into contact with the virus.


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