5 things we noticed from the new photos from Anfield’s wild locker room night in Liverpool


So, has he sunk again, Liverpool fans?After 30 long and painful years, the Reds finally got their hands on the Premier League trophy on Wednesday night amidst happy scenes of celebration.

Thousands of fans lined the streets outside Anfield, launching fireworks and flares, while inside the ground, players and staff reveled in their big time.

The club themselves have posted a few photos which give us a good idea of ​​what happened inside the dressing room after the trophy was handed over, and it’s fair to say that no one held back.

Here are five things we noticed at the boisterous party …

1. Lallana drinks everything in

Adam Lallana appeared to have cried as he bid farewell to Anfield

What a great way for Adam Lallana to end his career at Liverpool.

The attacking midfielder has been a peripheral figure this season, making just three Premier League starts, and he will leave the club soon, his contract expiring after the last game of the season against Newcastle on Sunday.

It is worth remembering how the former Southampton man has been a superb servant for the Reds, with Lallana having made 178 appearances in all competitions in six seasons.

The 32-year-old looked genuinely moved in the dressing room as he sat drinking a San Miguel, and while he wasn’t able to say goodbye to the fans, there’s no doubt that he couldn’t have ended his time at Anfield in many better ways.

2. The beers were flowing

Jurgen Klopp and his players danced and drank the night away

When Liverpool’s title win was officially confirmed following Chelsea’s victory over Manchester City last month, the celebrations were wild, but most players seemed to stay away from alcohol and feared it might There are still six games of their campaign to play.

This time, however, a number of team members and non-playing staff were pictured shaking beers… and frankly, who can blame them?

Jurgen Klopp, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Lallana could be seen enjoying a cold drink, while champagne was also sprayed to celebrate.

After their sensational season, no one could blame anyone involved in the club for finally letting their hair down… keep that in mind before you run out to stick it to your accumulator for Sunday.

3. Young players are part of the moment

Mohamed Salah and Curtis Jones pose with the trophy

It was exhilarating to see some of Liverpool’s older members making sure the youngsters were a part of the celebrations, and it shows the family atmosphere Klopp and his team have created at the club.

Curtis Jones, 19, for example, may have only made five Premier League appearances all season, but Mohamed Salah made sure he could take advantage of the moment by posing for a photo with him and the trophy .

Figures like Neco Williams and Harvey Elliott were also involved, and surely it’s only a good thing that potential stars of the future got to have their own little taste of fame.

Maybe one day they will be the key players in a team that wins the title.

4. Klopp gets sprayed

Klopp seemed to like having his hair dyed

Uh… what’s going on here then?

Well, it looks like Klopp didn’t just put on a Liverpool shirt, scarf and baseball cap, and decided to go the extra mile by dyeing his hair red (not permanent, surely should suppose and hope).

In the background we can see Jordan Henderson preparing to do the same with Roberto Firmino, and it would have been fascinating to see the end result.

It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase ‘paint the city red’ and shows just how comfortable the whole team seems with each other.

5. Eyes on the prize

Players took photos of the trophy all night

It’s no big secret – this is the trophy Liverpool really, really wanted.

Of course, the Champions League is great, and the UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup have been good cabinet additions as well.

But the reaction from the players tells you everything, and the fact that so many people snap photos of the famous old cup and admire its beauty shows how much they wanted it.

Alexander-Arnold summed it up in his interview for Sky Sports after the presentation when he said: “This is the one we all wanted as fans, as players and as a club. I would trade every medal I just won. have this one around my neck.

“The way we felt up there on this podium is amazing. For the club, it’s huge. ”

The big question is: can they start all over again next season?


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