49ers’ Kyle Shanahan more confident than ever the NFL can end the season


Since his recent return to the team’s training facility in Santa Clara, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has said he’s much more optimistic that the NFL season can take place.

Shanahan said during an appearance on the Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast that he was impressed with the changes at the 49ers headquarters.

“Since we’re back here and seen our protocols and how they got this building, it really makes me believe that we can do it,” Shanahan said.

Rookies, quarterbacks and injured players showed up in Santa Clara on Thursday for the first round of coronavirus testing at the team’s training center. After another round of tests on Sunday, those who have had two negative tests will be able to go to work on Monday. The first round of testing for all other players is scheduled for July 28.


The team’s practice center has undergone numerous changes intended to curb the spread of the virus. Shanahan said many walls were knocked down to allow greater social distancing inside meeting rooms.

Ben Peterson, 49ers responsible for player health and performance, along with Dustin Perry, the team’s head strength and conditioning coach, led the 49ers ‘efforts to reorganize for the players’ return. , coaches and staff during the pandemic.

“What they put in there for us to practice is amazing,” Shanahan said.

The biggest unanswered questions for Shanahan are the rules that will be put in place for training camp practices. Each NFL is allowed to have a roster of 90 players during the offseason and training camp, but that number could drop to 80 players for training camp this year.

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Even so, Shanahan said he’s not sure 80 players will be needed for teams without preseason games this summer.

“We’re a bit of a limbo here as coaches,” Shanahan said. “Our building is designed for this. But now I have to get the rule book during practice hours and stuff like that so we can put a plan in place.

“It will be different. It’s going to be totally different. … (But) I’m happy to try to be successful. And I’m so much more optimistic after I come here and see what these buildings are like. “


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