42 deputies ask France and the Netherlands to grant liberalization of the Schengen visa in Kosovo – Exit


2 hours ago

42 members of the European Parliament have asked French President Emmanuel Macron and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to vote in favor of liberalizing Schengen area visas for the citizens of Kosovo by 2020.In their letter, published by MEP Andrey Kovachev, they note that Kosovo has met all visa liberalization requirements since July 2018, and the EU has not kept its promise.

The unfair blocking of visa liberalization for Kosovo has damaged the credibility of the EU, they added. This becomes clearer at a time when the EU is trying to negotiate an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, when Kosovo is the only country in the region whose citizens cannot travel freely in Europe. This calls into question the EU’s honesty in mediating a Kosovo-Serbia agreement.

“The more we delay the positive decision on the matter, the faster we lose our credibility in the country and the region as a whole. It would be more difficult to demand structural reforms and changes in the countries of the Western Balkans if we cannot guarantee that they will be able to enjoy more rights and freedoms, as the closest neighbors, partners and allies. “

The former Kosovar Minister for European Affairs said that France and the Netherlands were blocking visa liberalization for Kosovo.

A similar request was sent to German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier by 33 MEPs.


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