3 revolutionary coronavirus vaccine stocks that can make you rich


Investors need a multitude of high-growth stocks as part of each full biotechnology portfolio, and the fury of the market surrounding the prospect of a COVID-19 vaccine creates the perfect conditions for those seeking returns in the biotechnology space.

Thanks to the market’s enthusiasm for the vaccine development activities of these three companies, each posted astounding growth in the first half of this year, making them attractive options for profit-seeking investors.

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Inovio Pharmaceuticals

Before the pandemic, Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INO) was a typical biotechnology stock, its growth entirely dependent on favorable clinical trial results. Inovio finished last year with a market capitalization of $ 335 million and a few million dollars in cash – hardly a major competitor in the vaccine development market. Now, after a burst of positive news regarding its initial COVID-19 candidate, the company has a market capitalization of $ 3.7 billion and $ 270 million in cash, and its stock price has risen by more than 650 % since the beginning of the year.

The impressive increase in market capitalization of over 1,060% also explains a pair of market share sales (ATM) of $ 121.7 million and $ 208.2 million in the spring. These dilutive actions could have dismayed investors, if not for the rapid and speculative expansion of the security during the same period.

Inovio has a handful of vaccine-related products in the pipeline that could drive future growth. Between the imminent publication of the results of the phase 1 trial for his US government-funded vaccine delivery system, reports on the progress of his candidate COVID-19 phase 2 and the progress of his pipeline programs not COVID, the rest of the year will be a good time to consider an investment in Inovio.

If its vaccine delivery system is found to be safe and effective in clinical trials, it is reasonable to assume that the government will want to purchase a large volume to allow inoculation of its employees and staff.


With inventory up more than 550% this year, Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) has all the characteristics of an investment that could enrich investors. Like Innovio, Novavax does not yet have a product approved for sale, but it does have a promising COVID-19 vaccine candidate. His candidate uses an exclusive adjuvant (an agent that stimulates the immune response), Matrix-M. The company says increasing its immunogenicity will reduce the effective dose required, making large-scale manufacturing more economical.

In early July, Novavax received $ 1.6 billion in funding from the US government’s acceleration program, Operation Warp Speed, suggesting that its candidate may also be one of the most advanced in the development process.

Investors should expect the company’s stock to climb again if it announces favorable results in the combined phase 1/2 test of its candidate COVID-19, scheduled for later in July. However, even if its COVID-19 attempt is unsuccessful, the company still has a multitude of other late-stage projects, which means that it will remain a stock of useful growth in the long term, if not a millionaire. .

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Vaxart (NASDAQ: VXRT) has grown faster than Inovio and Novavax, exciting investors with its impressive expansion of around 4,000% this year thanks to its unique COVID-19 vaccine tablet. The tablet can be made as a vaccine against several different diseases, and unlike liquid vaccines, oral tablets are stable in storage, do not require any support from the health staff for administration and do not require any of the typical products. immunizations such as syringes or sterile wipes, making them much more attractive to health systems around the world. This means that even if its candidate COVID-19 is not effective, Vaxart is still sitting on a very valuable technology which it could use to generate income with its other programs.

On July 13, he raised $ 90 million by selling 11.2 million shares, suggesting that he is preparing to make major investments in his clinical development pipeline or manufacturing capacity, and the stock has soared more than 50%. Like Novavax, Vaxart was chosen to participate in Operation Warp Speed, but for a preclinical project that did not provide as much direct funding.

Vaxart’s market capitalization is still only $ 778 million, although this is a massive expansion from the $ 11 million it exposed a year ago. If the leadership continues to forge new collaborations with potential vaccine manufacturers while reporting favorable results in their candidate’s clinical trials, as they have done so far this year, it could well be the most effective COVID-19 action for investors looking for wealth. .


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