2020 university football hot seat ranking: job security assessment of the 130 FBS coaches


It was a significant interseasonal turnover in college football. Twenty-two programs – almost a fifth of FBS – have changed trainers. This means that a large part of the coaches are in this honeymoon year with their new schools.

In fact, the ranking of the hot seats 2020 should be noted for its freshness. Specifically, 67 coaches – more than half of FBS – are rated 0 or 1, which means they are “practically untouchable” or “safe and secure”.

The Hot Seat has long been an accurate predictor of job security. In the past five years, 16 of 27 coaches ranked 4 or below (59%) have ultimately lost their jobs.

In 2020, there are only 11 coaches on the proverbial hot seat (score of 4 or more). However, something tells me that there will be more than 11 coaching changes – mainly because it seems like the coaching carousel is still running. Again, perhaps the coronavirus pandemic will give programs a second thought on the major changes to be made after the season.

Dennis Dodd a detailed 11 coaches seated on the hottest seats before the 2020 campaign, although there is also a group of what we call the “3 notable”.

This year’s most successful coaches from Iowa (Kirk Ferentz) and Oklahoma State (Mike Gundy)… are both on the list of reasons why the pressure does not mount. Ferentz came under scrutiny last month after longtime coach Chris Doyle was kicked out for racist and degrading comments to the players. Although Doyle is still gone, complaints from former players about Ferentz continue to pour in. After 22 seasons, could it be his last year with the Hawkeyes? Meanwhile, Gundy botched a players’ protest dismissed by his own clothes, which resulted in a (self-imposed) pay cut.

The list also includes the owner of the second biggest contract in history, Jimbo Fisher of Texas A&M, who is about to start a season with his best team Aggies. But for $ 75 million guaranteed over 10 years, fans expect at least one division title. Jim Harbaugh of Michigan is one of the top 20 most successful active coaches, but has yet to beat Ohio State after five seasons at the helm of the Wolverines.

Below you can see where the 130 FBS coaches are located before the start of the season. Check the notes first and see where each college football coach ranks less than two months before the scheduled kickoff.

5 Win or be fired



Start improving now



The pressure is rising



Everything is fine… for now



Safe and secure





The table below is listed alphabetically by school. Here is the list of victories and defeats for each coach in his current role in his respective program and the number of years he led this team before 2020. If the coach has seen his rating change compared to the 2019 season, the old rating is indicated in brackets. The asterisks represent a record that includes games won / lost as an interim coach.


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