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Each family has quality pictures from the good old days, but you’d be hard pressed to find a clan as documented as the Windsors. Naturally, this has produced more than a few quality images that have been overlooked over the years – and thanks to the Internet, they are no longer as well hard to find. Here, 20 rare vintage photos of the royal family.

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Children drive Prince Charles and Princess Diana to the Careful Cobber children’s driving program on a trip to Australia.

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In this photo taken at the Widnsor Horse Show, it is clear that Princess Anne transmitted her love of denim (and her eternal passion for everything related to horse riding) to her daughter, Zara Phillips.

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At a costumed barbecue in Canada, Charles and Diana give royal observers an idea of ​​what they might have looked like from another era.

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The Princess of Wales takes a tour in a cherry picker alongside the archaeological director of the Mary Rose Trust.

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Princess Margaret (second left), Princess Diana (center left) and Queen Mother (center right) have fun together before a wedding, while Prince Charles drags behind.

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Princess Margaret was pictured holding her two children, Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, at Windsor Castle during the filming of the famous rarely seen BBC documentary, The Royal family.

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Princess Anne takes center stage for a family photo with a boat on board the royal yacht Britannia during a visit to Norway. (This photograph ended up being used on the Queen’s personal Christmas card.)

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Princess Anne takes part in a demonstration at the feast of the Benenden church, dressed in the attire of an 18th century aristocrat.

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The Queen Mother, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Viscount Linley and Princess Margaret attend the Braemar Highland Games.

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Charles and Anne enjoy a good old-fashioned sledge.

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Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne prepare for a short boat ride on Lake Frogmore at Windsor Castle. One of the family corgis helps.

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Princess Margaret (center) enjoys a presentation of Dior’s winter collection at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

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Queen Elizabeth (second on the right), with Prince Charles (second on the left) and Princess Anne (in the center), watch a sporting event at Smith’s Lawn in Windsor Great Park.

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Queen Elizabeth leads her two older children through an event, to the delight of the crowd.

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The royal family enjoys a horse ride. (A good size horse was provided for the young Windsors.)

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Prince Philip pushes Charles and Anne on a swing at Balmoral, while the queen and a dog watch.

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Princess Alice and Queen Elizabeth share a joke on the sidelines of a polo match; Princess Anne tries to meddle in the conversation of adults.

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Elizabeth trains to place her sister’s arm in a swing as part of the guide training (the British equivalent of Girl Scouts).

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Princess Elizabeth (second from left) and her sister Princess Margaret (second from right) enjoy penguins at the London Zoo.

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So just a princess, Elizabeth could already make a blanket look royal.

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