2 Sisters, reopen Anglesey abattoir hit by Covid outbreak with 30 security measures in place


2 Sisters today the reopening of its Corners, the slaughterhouse that has been closed for two weeks following a Covid epidemic.The chicken processing plant had its first positive case at the end of May and the spread of viruses through the labour – forcing its closure a little over a fortnight.

A mass programme of tests has been carried out by the race of the Army mobile test unit and Public Health Wales has confirmed, more than 200 workers to 560 personnel of the factory have been tested positive for the coronavirus.

Now, the site will re-open again with the staff began to come back to the site from this morning and to the production start in the next few days

Ranjit Singh Boparan, chairman of 2 Sisters of the parent company Boparan Holdings Ltd, also wrote to Anglesey council’s chief executive Annwen Morgan to thank them for their support.

2 Sisters site in Llangefni

He added that they reminded everyone in their teams, of their ” responsibility to protect each of us and our wider communities “.

The company said 30 additional measures had been put in place – including in the open “in front” and “side-by-side testing, the teams managed in a” bubble “, and CCTV surveillance of all high-traffic areas.

The staff said, previously, North Wales to Live how they feared for their health than their colleagues “dropped like flies” with the virus.

Mr Boparan said: “as a responsible company, we believe that we took the right action by the temporary suspension of operations for up to 14 days so that we can be sure that all our people have been kept in a safe place and we have had the opportunity to complement our existing control measures.

“We have spent the time to work closely with our partners, including the Welsh Government, Public Health Wales, the Health and Safety Executive, Anglesey County Council, the Food Standards Agency, and Unite the Union, and we thank them for their support during this difficult period.

“As one of the largest employers on the Island of Anglesey, we are more than aware of our responsibility in the community to ensure we act with care and keep everyone as safe as possible. Quickly the closure of our plant was only the first step of this fact, and in the past two weeks we have left no stone unturned in the pursuit of our “best in class” Covid-19 measures.

The 2 Sisters meat processing plant in Llangefni, has experienced an epidemic of coronavirus in the staff

“While it is much too early to say how and why the virus has spread, at this stage, we are not leaving any room for doubt in preparing our people, from Friday, on the new measures and how each person must assume responsibility for their own behaviour.

“We are also aware, there will be colleagues who have tested positive and believe that it gives them a certain level of immunity.

“The reality is that we do not know this to be true, our teams will ensure that everyone knows that we all have a responsibility to protect each of us and of our wider community of any epidemic.

“Our plan is to bring the plant up to full production starting in several phases starting Friday. Limited production will begin only after we have fully informed of all colleagues on the full range of measures that we have put in place to manage the various risks associated with Covid-19. “


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