15 worst deaths in a TV show


I will never forgive these shows. Already.

We asked the BuzzFeed community to tell us what televised deaths deeply shocked them. Here are the heartbreaking results.



In 13 reasons why, when Justin Foley had the biggest character bow of all time, but they randomly gave him AIDS and killed him.


“He had the best character development in the whole series, and there was simply no reason for his death. I always wonder why the writers did this! “



In how I Met Your Mother, when Lily told Marshall that her father had a heart attack and died in the hospital.


“I know it’s a comedy, but when Marshall’s father died the how I Met Your Mother… It was heartbreaking. I cried for days. “



In Jane the Virgin, when Michael collapsed and stopped breathing due to injuries from his gunshot wound.

The CW

“I know he came back in the last episode of season 4, and I was even the Rafael team, but his initial death literally broke me. Jane was so happy and deserved so much more! “



In L’OC, when Marissa was in a car accident while on her way to the airport, and Ryan tried to carry her to safety, but she died in his arms.


“I was so surprised when I watched the episode and I couldn’t stop crying. She was my favorite character and went through hell. “



In Dexter, when Dexter came home and found Harrison in a pool of blood … which he then realized was that of Rita.

Show time

“Things were going so well for them in their relationship, and he really liked her. She was the link with Dexter’s emotions. It was the greatest plot of all time. She was the last person I thought I would die.



In Strange things, when Bob sacrificed himself to save everyone, which cost him his life.


“Honestly, I will never recover from Bob’s untimely death. “



In How to escape murder, when Wes’s body was revealed next to the burning building, and Annalize screamed in horror.


“Wes was my favorite character, and killing him was like killing the heart of the show. I stopped watching after his character was struck off. It just wasn’t the same for me. When I saw Alfred Enoch returned for the last episode, I was hoping his character had survived, but I was wrong. “



In The iron Throne, when Hodor died at the hands of the White Walkers holding the door so that Bran and Meera could escape.


“As a book reader, I knew most of the major deaths before Season 6, but the death of Odor was just a punch in the stomach. “



In Orange is the new black, when Poussey tried to help Crazy Eyes, but the guard attacked and killed her.


“The death of Poussey Washington was the most hurtful death on television. I have been a mess for days. Not only did she deserve a happy ending, but she also had good opportunities planned for her too. “

– a purple paper plane


In Joy, when they wrote the death of Cory Monteith in the series, making the cast’s reactions particularly powerful and vulnerable.


In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy found her mother’s lifeless body on the couch.

The WB

“The whole story with Joyce falling ill was so sad because it was the only thing Buffy couldn’t fight, and she was the only person she had never had a chance to save. Anya’s reaction about not understanding death disgusted me every time. “

—And already there


In It’s us, when Jack had a random heart attack in the hospital and Rebecca’s life passed before his eyes.


“Everyone fell in love with their character throughout the series, and even though we knew he was dead, we didn’t know how it happened, so I was really sad when I found out how he was really dead. He was such a good father and her husband, and her relationship with Rebecca was so beautiful. “



In The walking dead, when Glenn was beaten to death when everyone had to watch.


“I stopped watching after he died, so I don’t know how Maggie is, but they both deserved as much happiness as you can get during a zombie apocalypse. “

– a purple paper plane


In Grey’s anatomy, when Lexie died in the plane crash just before Meredith arrived.


“Lexie Gray was the best character Grey’s. She did not deserve to die so tragically. I’m still sobbing at his death. I realized months ago that Lexie had said to Mark, “When I am injured, I want someone to stroke my hair. When Lexie was dying, Mark stroked her hair. It made it so sad. If Lexie was still alive (and with Mark), the show would be so much better. “



One 8 simple rules, when the death of John Ritter was written in the series.

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