10 year old boy caught from boat by shark near Tasmania, Australia


– 10-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after a shark snatches him from a boat off the coast of Australia. Authorities say the boy was on a 20-foot boat fishing with his father and two other people Friday about 3 miles off the coast of Tasmania when the shark emerged from beneath the surface of the water and the drew, according to a Facebook post from Ambulance Tasmania. The boy’s father immediately went into the water after his son, scaring the shark.

The boy, who was wearing a life jacket, was taken to a local hospital and treated for cuts to his arms, chest and head. It is said to be in stable condition. CNN notes that this is the latest in a series of shark attacks in Australia, including one last week in which a 15-year-old surfer died in an alleged shark attack in New Wales from South. In another incident, a 29-year-old woman was attacked while swimming near Cairns – her day off after filming a shark documentary. She is now recovering in the hospital. (Read more stories about shark attacks.)


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