Zach Boychuk is coming to the defense of the former coach in the middle of accusations of hazing


One day after the filing of a class action against the canadian hockey League, alleging that Dan Carcillo and Garrett Taylor had been the victim of hazing as rookies, the former teammates of one of the plaintiffs issued a statement in defense of the head coach of the hockey League of the West, which would have allowed the abuse are not controlled.”Mike Dyck was one of the best coaches I have had, said Zach Boychuk, who was in his fourth year with the Hurricanes in Lethbridge when Taylor was a rookie. “I was surprised to hear that Garrett had the impression of having been ill-treated or harassed. I spoke to Mike Dyck this morning and he said that some of the allegations were false. This is a trick that he said, she said at this time. ”

Thursday, Carcillo and Taylor have filed a lawsuit against the league and the teams that make up the canadian hockey League, alleging that players as young as 15 years old were regularly victims of hazing, bullying, intimidation, harassment, physical and verbal, physical assault, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. ”

The details of the abuse – none of which has been proven in the courts – are, to say the least disturbing.

While playing for the Sarnia Sting hockey League Ontario, Carcillo was alleged that the recruits have been forced to look for apples in a cooler filled with body fluids, have been stripped and crammed in eight at a time in a bathroom in the bus and had to take participate in orgies. Taylor, meanwhile, has claimed that he had been forced to fight his team-mates on the order of Dyck to increase the level of”intensity” in training and that he had to get dressed up in women’s clothing and consuming alcohol until they vomit or blackens, whereas it was only 17 years old.

Unlike Carcillo, who has evolved in the NHL, the career of Taylor hockey has never progressed past the ECHL. The lawsuit alleges that he is now “traumatized, permanently” and suffers “mental health problems that were not present before the abuse he has suffered.”

The alleged abuses are shocking, but not entirely surprising. The hazing had remained uncontrolled in the major junior hockey for decades. It is only when Akim Aliu has presented stories of abuse at the age of 16 years old, when he played for the Spitfires of Windsor in 2005, that the league has taken an active position against the practice. And yet, it has not completely disappeared.

Last week, Eric Guest has released a video claiming he had been forced to snort cocaine at a party rookie when he played for the Kitchener Rangers in 2016. With each person who takes the word, more and more stories come out.

“People are just horrified when they read this story, because it is a story that is really ugly,” said James Sayce, the chief lawyer in the class action filed this week. “What we allege here, it is an obligation to have protections in place when the kids leave home and go play in major junior hockey. It is not surprising that all sorts of abuses occur. These stores have been circulating for a very long time, more and more these days. ”

But Boychuk, who has published a declaration signed by the majority of players of this team Lethbridge to defend Dyck, who leads now the Vancouver Giants, don’t agree to say that some of the allegations are as bad as they seem.

“Yes, we organized an evening for new recruits where guys had to dress up as girls, but this is the most fun I’ve had,” said the former striker of the NHL. “My night recruit has been much worse than Garrett. I was fine with girl clothes and I had to take a few shots of alcohol. He never felt in danger. No line has been crossed.

“For Garrett, I remember seeing pictures of him at party and he smiled as if he enjoyed. Of course, there is more to his story. I remember he was a child really nice and well treated by all the world. It is regrettable that after the WHL, he has had mental health problems. ”

Taylor, who spent a year in Lethbridge, has been released from the team the following season and signed with the Raiders in Prince Albert. According to the head coach of the Raiders from the era, Bruno Campese, Taylor has not given any indication that he suffered from anxiety.

“When he was in Prince Albert, it was going well,” said Campese. “A lot of this stuff that I just read, I just read it for the first time. It was a new for me. I don’t know if he has already shared these things with someone else in the team. But we don’t ever returned. I wish we knew. To my knowledge, if things happen and you are not aware, you are not aware of it. ”

According to Sayce, the whole point of the lawsuit is to further raise awareness of the abuses that still continue in hockey. This is perhaps not widespread, but even if there is a player who feels abused or mistreated, it is a player too.

“There is also a culture of silence in the junior hockey, where it is very difficult to come forward and tell these stories,” said Sayce. “So, the case is really a platform for people to tell their stories and, hopefully, this leads to a real change and creates real protections for these children. ”

“The CHL has policies in place. But the question is whether they do the job? Because we know that to continue. All those people, who are manifested are not liars. “


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