YouTuber Jenna Marbles leaves her channel


Jenna Marbles has announced that she is moving away from her chain.
Photo: YouTube

YouTuber Jenna Mourey, aka Jenna Marbles, announced Thursday that she is moving away from her main YouTube channel, potentially forever. “I have spent the past few days privatizing almost all of my old content, and I’m sorry if this makes you nostalgic, but I’m not literally trying to put negative things in the world”, Mourey said in an 11-minute video in tears. Mourey became famous on the Internet in 2010 with a video called “How to Make People Think You Are Beautiful”. For the scale, it has been viewed 69,000,000 times and counts. Mourey currently has 23 million subscribers on the channel.


It’s hard to talk about the rise of YouTube creator without talking about Mourey. The EX-Bar stool writer-turned-viral video engine has been among the best creators on the platform for almost a decade. In 2018, its channel was the 16th most followed in the world, a ranking that only increased if you counted it among the creators. (Mourey has other YouTube channels, including one for games and one for a podcast. Both are co-directed with his partner, Julien’s creator Julien Solomita.) But Mourey also, as she says in this video , invited its fair share of controversy. She refers to a number of videos, including one in which she wears a blackface and another in which she used insults to make fun of an Asian man, noting that the two have been removed for some time and that she has since grown as a person.


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