You can now rent an inflatable garden pub while your local is closed


British pubs closed due to lockout restrictions on March 20. It’s been 84 days since we left without them – not that anyone matters. With the return of sunny weather, the British dream of the day when they will be allowed to return to their premises for a few refreshing pints.

But for those who just don’t want to wait any longer, there may be another solution.

This is because punters have the ability to get pints from their backyard by renting an inflatable pub with beer tables, benches and a sound system for £ 495.

The current coronavirus lockout rules mean you can serve people in your household or five of your friends – and with the pop-up pub offering the capacity to entertain 40 people, you will have no problem maintaining the rules. social distance of two meters with your limited lock.

The pub can usually hold 40 people – but the lock rules still apply

However, you’ll need a large enough garden to house it, as the Tudor-style kettle with a wooden bar and inflatable kegs is 20 feet high, 25 feet long and 20 feet wide.

The owners of the Inflatable Pub Company say he has been hit by the foreclosure with people who hire them for family celebrations – adding that they have strict cleaning procedures in order to keep them safe during the pandemic .

Claire Lambert said: “People might not be able to go out for a drink in their local at the moment, but with the inflatable pub you can bring your local to your garden.

It costs £ 495 to hire for celebrations and special events

“The pub has a real wow factor. You can serve behind the bar and be your own owner or owner and you can set your own last orders.

“People held special birthday parties only for households and praised the inflatable pub as an eye-catching addition.

“I would use the pub for a special birthday or a meeting with friends. It’s a cheaper and cheaper alternative to a reception hall – I think it’s incredible. ”

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Jimmy Duffy, who also works for the company, said, “We have a strict cleaning procedure and we thoroughly clean the airbags before they go out and after they are used.

“We also encourage customers to clean the pubs themselves after use. They are very quick to install and our staff make sure they are properly anchored in the ground.

“My goal is to enjoy life and give back as much as I can to the communities and to give people the pub as a little fun is one way to do it. “


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