York to Host Kiwis and Australia at 2021 Rugby World Cup as England Travel to Manchester


England’s Kallum Watkins at the 2017 World Cup Final (SWPIX)

500 days before the RLWC2021 opening game at St James’s Park in Newcastle, the organizers announced this morning where each nation will stand during the competition.

Manchester United and England footballer Jesse Lingard has announced that Shaun Wane’s England team and Mal Meninga Kangaroos will train and prepare for Manchester – where they also hope to reach the final at Old Trafford.

Look North presenter Harry Gration was on hand to help announce that York will host the New Zealand men’s and women’s teams as well as the women’s team from Australia, France and the Cook Islands.

Players from various parties, including Kiwi star Dallin Watene Zelezniak, tapped into a Miss E homeschooling social call to hear the news.

Meanwhile, Middlesbrough football club captain George Friend helped explain to the Cook Islands what they could expect when they arrived in Tees Valley for the competition.

Jon Dutton, Managing Director of RLWC2021, said: “Today marks another extremely exciting milestone on the road to the 2021 Rugby World Cup as we celebrate 500 days before the opening game in St James’ Park in October next year.

“York is a wonderful city with a rich history and we are all delighted that it plays such an important role in the 2021 Rugby World Cup.

“The city will be home to some of the biggest names in sport and a wealth of incredible talent in 2021 and I know the people of York will be incredibly welcoming hosts.

“Our renewed tournament identity and the announcement of today’s national base can serve as an exciting reminder to Yorkers of what will happen in 2021 as we continue to build momentum toward what promises to be the biggest and best rugby union world cup in history. ”

Today saw a new brand identity, celebrating the power of Ensemble, unveiled with the goal of connecting the tournament to a universal audience.

He says the new RLWC2021 brand symbol – the Cup – is a natural progression from the identity of the previous tournament.

The new brand identity RLWC2021, celebrating the power of Ensemble

The new Cup is made up of red, orange and yellow ribbons representing the men’s, women’s and wheelchair tournaments, respectively.

The ribbons embody each of the three individual tournaments combined into one and are symbols of connection and triumph.

Organizers say the inclusion of stars is a metaphor for the three world-class tournaments; they revolve around the globe at the top of the Cup, symbolizing the united passion of all nations, teams and communities who aspire to the World Cup – “reach the stars”.

New colors have also been introduced with Power Purple, now the primary color representing tournament inclusion and audacity.

The new branding will also include custom elements from each host, which will draw on its most recognizable icons and display the feeling of civic pride that each host has for their city or town.

Organizers will be asking residents of each city to vote on the icons that make up their custom designs in the coming months, and will do something similar for nations by the end of the year.

Terri Lynam, RLWC2021 Client Director, said: “Today June 10 marks 500 days before the spectacular start to the tournament in Newcastle.

“It also marks another extremely exciting milestone on the road to the 2021 Rugby World Cup, with the new brand revealed.

“The Power of Together allows us to focus even more on stories of human interest, emotional connections and the celebration of unity.

“Our updated World Cup identity highlights our values ​​of inclusiveness and daring by incorporating the three tournaments into one logo.

“The new colors, and the way we want to celebrate hosts and nations in a different way, do represent the uniqueness of RLWC2021. “


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