WWE Rumor Roundup – Unwritten rule allegedly violated, Drew McIntyre to lose the WWE title? Superstar out for several months due to actual injury


  • A WWE superstar is getting ready for retirement and he has a plan in mind.
  • Something unusual also happened during the recent WWE series of recordings.
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Modified 08 June 2020, 14:09 EST

Vince McMahon and Drew McIntyre.
Vince McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

Welcome to the WWE Rumor Roundup newspaper in Sportskeeda, where we list the biggest rumors, speculations and stories going around the WWE world.

A new report has revealed that an injury scenario is legitimate and a superstar should be out of action for several months.

There was also a behind-the-scenes revelation about an unwritten rule recently violated by various superstars. There is widespread speculation regarding one of the WWE’s greatest champions may be giving up his title soon.

The behind-the-scenes details of some unusual re-shoots that occurred during recent recordings were revealed and there were some pretty interesting notes about the same thing.

According to reports, Rey Mysterio also took some free time for a very big reason and the WWE legend has a plan that he wants to see come true before he retires.

On this note, here is the latest edition of the WWE Rumor Roundup:

#5. Superstars would violate an unwritten rule

The Jaxson Ryker incident highlighted a very intriguing unwritten rule that is practiced in the WWE. As Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio, the rule does not allow talent to attack themselves publicly, unless it is an angle of work or done to advance a scenario.

In the case of Jaxson Ryker, many Superstars called the Forgotten Sons member on social media for his tweet in which he supported Donald Trump and the Superstars were legitimately angry.

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, and even Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler (Ryker’s stablemates), took to Twitter and condemned his remarks.

Can WWE fire Jaxson Ryker?

It has been reported that although the locker room is apparently furious with Ryker, Vince McMahon, and co. will not be able to fire the Superstar as he expressed his freedom of expression.

Meltzer noted:

“You’re really not supposed to go after the guys. It was a real violation of that kind of unwritten rule, you don’t go after other people unless it’s a working angle and it really wasn’t a working angle, and you had his two partners, who I’m sure, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake, who I’m sure are both just like, “I don’t want to be painted with a brush of this moron. So they quickly said that we don’t think like him and then, Sami Zayn —I think his mind is in a different place, and Kevin Owens — who tries to be in his weird way, in his sardonic way trying to help these guys who say stupid things. And who else, Ricochet.

Published June 08, 2020 at 14:09 EST


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