WWE RAW results (6/1/20): Asuka vs Flair, more!


WWE RAW resultsWWE RAW Results
June 1, 2020
Lovell Porter report for Wrestlezone.com

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Intra-ring segment: Seth Rollins, Murphy and Austin Theory

Rollins says that tonight is a huge evening. Rollins is set to face Aleister Black tonight as Black is confused about Rey Mysterio. Rollins will have to suppress Black. Tonight Rollins knows that Mysterio is too humble to call himself the legend he is. Mysterio was sacrificed for the greater good of Monday Night RAW. If not legendary, what is it? It is Rollins’ duty to properly honor Mysterio. Rollins had a video package created to show just how legendary Mysterio is. A video package of Mysterio’s highlights is shown, including Rollins trying to blind him. Rollins proposes to personally induct Mysterio into the WWE Hall of Fame. Aleister Black enters the ring and attacks Rollins.

Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins

Black takes a few kicks in the legs. Black follows this with a few punches that send Rollins in the corner. Black Rollins trips. Rollins barely avoids Black’s whim. Rollins trains Blackout in the ring. Black kicks Rollins in the chest before sending him back to the ring. Rollins surprises Black with a front dropkick. Rollins snaps Black to the mat with a suplex. Rollins is working on Black. Rollins sends Black out of the ring and takes a suicide plunge. Rollins misses a whim. Black kicks Rollins in the head. Rollins sends Black out of the ring. Theory and Murphy abound.

Humberto Carrillo descends into the ring with a chair to repel Rollins’ flunkies. After the break, Rollins continues to work on Black. Rollins drops Black with the slingshot. Black begins. Black goes off and lands a few shots. Blacks sweep Rollins’ legs. Race knee by Black. Black crushes Rollins with a springboard Moonsault Rollins launches. German suplex for a fall close to Black. Rollins superkicks Black. Rollins gets a close fall after a falcon arrow. Rollins tries a splash of a frog but Black kneels. Rollins deploys on the apron. The Black and Rollins’ commercial strikes. Black Rollins boots in the chest so strong that he was sent into the ring. Goldenstar moonsault but Black.

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