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South Africa reported a record leap in new Covid-19 cases – almost 80% more than its previous daily record – as the country gradually eases its lockout. The increase came when Brazil overtook Italy to become the third country most affected by deaths, behind the United States and the United Kingdom.

South Africa recorded 3,267 new cases of Covid-19 on Thursday, the largest jump since the start of the pandemic. The country is the most affected in sub-Saharan Africa and has nearly a quarter of all cases on the continent, with 40,792 infections. With 848 deaths, it only ranks second after Egypt for deaths (1,126).

Almost two-thirds of the cases in the country are in the Western Cape province, where Cape Town is the largest city, and health services are under pressure. The region is also a major tourist destination and local authorities have put in place one of the most rigorous testing regimes in the country.

The strict foreclosure of South Africa began on March 27, severely restricting freedom of movement and slowing an economy already in recession. On Monday, restrictions were eased to level 3, which opened up large swathes of the economy and abolished curfews. Alcohol has been sold according to strict rules, but tobacco sales are still prohibited, as are all gatherings except funerals (up to 50 people allowed) and work meetings. All public places, including sports, entertainment and leisure facilities, remain.

In a blow to the government’s roadmap out of the lockdown, a South African court ruled this week that the regulations were “unconstitutional and invalid,” and the government had two weeks to revise them. Local media reported that the government would appeal the decision.

The three largest economies in Africa – Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa – have similar “doubling rates” – the number of days their infection number doubles – according to Our World In Data.

Total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases: how fast are they increasing, according to Our World in Data, 5 J 0320 GMT.

Total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa: how fast are they increasing, according to Our World in Data, 5 J 0320 GMT. Photography: Our data world

Brazil’The Covid-19 cases have exceeded 600,000, which only took four days to jump 100,000 cases. On Thursday, the government announced 34,021, a daily increase that was only exceeded during the pandemic by the United States. With 1,437 deaths recorded, Brazil also surpassed Italy to become the most affected country behind the United States and the United Kingdom.

Thursday, 100,000 street vendors in Rio de Janiero were allowed to return to work.

President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro has continued to publicly attack efforts to slow the spread of the virus through quarantine and social distancing.

“We can’t go on like this. No one can take it anymore, ”said Bolsonaro of the closure efforts of the governors and mayors of the states in Brazil.

“The collateral impact will be far greater than the people who have unfortunately lost their lives because of the past three months here,” he said.

In a Facebook Live session, Bolsonaro also encouraged the federal solicitor general to sue states to force them to reopen their beaches.

Mexico is the second most affected country in Latin America and reported another daily record number of infections, with 4,442. There were also 816 additional deaths, bringing the total to 105,680 cases and 12,545 deaths, which means it is the seventh most affected country in the world for deaths.

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador urged people not to overreact, warning of “psychosis” on Thursday, noting that per capita deaths for its nearly 130 million residents were still far below those many other countries.

in the WE, the governor of New York The state, which recorded 30,174 deaths, urged protesters protesting over the death of George Floyd to be tested for the coronavirus. Andrew Cuomo said the 30,000 people demonstrating across the state could make the coronavirus situation worse.

“If you were at a demonstration, please take a test,” he said, adding that anyone who participated in a demonstration had a “civic duty” to be tested.

“Many of them wear masks, thank God, but there is no social distancing. You watch the meetings with the police; the police are face to face, they are facing the police, ”he said.

In other coronavirus developments:

  • turkey will impose a two-day weekend lockout in 15 cities as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the Interior Ministry announced on Friday. In a statement, the department said bakeries and some stores may operate during the lockout.
  • China reported five new cases of Covid-19 and three new asymptomatic infections, the national health commission said on Friday, adding that all cases had been imported.

  • New Zealand points to elimination of the virus, with 14 consecutive days of new cases.

  • The Lancet document that halted global testing of hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 due to fears of an increase in deaths was withdrawn after a Guardian investigation found data inconsistencies.

  • JapanHousehold spending fell in April, falling 11.1% from a year earlier, government data showed on Friday as the world’s third largest economy struggled with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Australian authorities are initiating legal action to try to stop a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Sydney on Saturday, citing the risk of a Covid-19 epidemic given the large number of people expected.

  • Argentina extended a mandatory lockdown in the capital, Buenos Aires, and in some other parts of the country from June 7 to June 28, confirming 20,000 cases of coronavirus.


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