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Seven states in the United States have reported that their most coronavirus pandemic patient admissions by far, in the event of a surge in the WE following the relaxation of restrictions.Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas – which also confirmed a daily record of cases, increasing on Tuesday – each admitted record number of infected people to the hospital, the Washington Post reported .

California has seen recording infections, too, with more than 5,000 in a single day for the first time, as Arizona, Nevada and Missouri also recorded increasing cases.

The hospital’s Florida farm has warned that its intensive care unit is at capacity, NBC reported. Florida confirmed 3,200 new cases on Tuesday, which marked the sixth day with more than 25,000 cases.

Like Trump, spoke of his success in managing the pandemic and accused the Democrats of wanting to continue the closed economy, so “the numbers will be bad” to a rally student in Arizona, Dr. Anthony Fauci pleaded with people to wear masks in public spaces. “Plan A, don’t go into a crowd. Plan B, if you do, make sure you wear a mask, ”Fauci, told a congressional hearing.

The next few weeks will be critical to damaging the troubling coronavirus flare-up, he says.

Fauci, the chief of infectious diseases at the US National Institutes of Health, and other senior health officials also said they hadn’t been asked to slow down virus testing, unlike Trump from last weekend’s claim that he had ordered fewer tests as they were discovering too many infections. Trump said earlier Tuesday that he was not kidding when he made the remark, AP reported.

The United States has the highest Covid-19 case in the world, with more than $ 2.3 million, or a quarter of the world’s total. At least 121,217 people have died in the US.

Brazilwith the next highest number of infections, at 1,145,906, after he confirmed, more than 39,000 in a single day on Tuesday. The number of deaths in Latin America, the largest economy, rose to 52,645. A judge on Tuesday ordered the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, to wear a mask in public after the right-wing populist party attended political rallies without one.

The number of deaths in Latin America increased from 100,000 to Tuesday, according to Reuters tally, with Mexico the second most affected region in the nation. Mexico on Tuesday recorded 6,288 new infections and 793 more deaths, the health ministry said, bringing the country total of 191,410 cases and 23,377 deaths.

Deaths worldwide have passed 475.0000, according to Johns Hopkins University, with known deaths at 476,945, and confirmed standing infections at 9,239,794. Actual figures are likely to be higher due to differences in testing rates and definitions, delays and suspects in underreporting.

As researchers around the world are working on more than 200 vaccine candidates, a Chinese pharmaceutical company, from China National Biotec Group, has obtained approval to perform a large-scale “Phase 3 clinical trial of its new vaccine candidate coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates, according to Reuters.

China is looking to test the potential of vaccines abroad due to a shortage of new patients at home.

More than a dozen experimental vaccines are being tested around the world. None of them has yet successfully completed a late stage of the “Phase 3” test to determine the effectiveness in shielding healthy people from the virus, which has killed more than 470,000 people across the world.

These trials involve thousands of participants and take place normally in countries where the virus is widespread, so the vaccine can be seen in a real environment. However China has reported fewer than 10 new cases per day on average last month, and its researchers are now looking overseas.

Other major developments in the pandemic coronavirus from around the world include:

  • Russia will hold World War II parade before voting on Putin reforms on Wednesday. Putin announced new dates for the parade and a vote to extend his reign – originally scheduled for April: last month, despite Russia continuing to register thousands of new cases every day. Russia has 598,878 cases, the third largest worldwide – and 8,349 deaths, significantly lower than most of the other 10 of the most affected countries, according to the Johns Hopkins University follow-up, which official government data.
  • Over 200 students and staff who returned to boarding school South AfricaPoor people in eastern Cape Province this month tested positive on Tuesday, officials said. Eastern Cape accounts for about 15% of South Africa’s 101,590 cases, making it the third most affected in the province.

  • Australia confirmed his first death in a month. The 80-year-old man died in the state of Victoria in the first coronavirus-related death in more than a month. Australia’s total number of deaths from the virus now stands at 103.

  • New Zealand recorded a new case diagnosed in a traveler returning from abroad who remains in solitary confinement. The country has reported 11 active cases, all returnees. Nine of them were diagnosed during their government run by isolation and remain there.


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