World report: Rationing returns to Australia as panic purchases spread | News from the world


Australian supermarkets have reintroduced national rationing of essential food items after the resumption of panic purchases in some states, prompted by an increase in cases in Victoria.The Southern State on Friday announced its tenth consecutive day of double-digit cases on Friday. Thirty new cases have been reported after what Prime Minister Daniel Andrews called a “suburban test blitz” in hotspot suburbs, involving ambulances and mobile test centers.

In response to the panic purchase, which earlier in the pandemic saw shelves emptied of toilet paper, pasta, disinfectant and other essentials, the grocery chain Woolworths announced that it would reintroduce nationwide purchasing limits for toilet paper.

Woolworths first limited Wednesday to Victoria. Customers were limited to just two pieces of toilet paper, a hand sanitizer, a paper towel, flour, sugar, pasta, ground meat, long-life milk, eggs and rice. Coles, another supermarket chain, has also limited purchases of hand sanitizer, flour, eggs, other groceries, and toilet paper.


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