Wonder Woman director refused to make Justice League film


Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins revealed that she had a chance to make a Justice League film before, but eventually decided to turn it down.
ComicBook.com reports that Jenkins made the admission in a recent interview, published by the French magazine Premiere, whereas it explained its reasons for missing the opportunity to direct a group film of superheroes.“I love comics, but I came to superheroes through movies,” she said. “There is in me this desire to emulate compared to the films which I saw child. A certain spirit which reigned at that time. Is it relevant when I shoot? I do not know. The point is, unlike other directors, I don’t really care about shared universes, continuity and that kind of detail. I’ve been contacted to make a Justice League movie in the past, and it doesn’t connect with me. Too many characters. “

It is not known if Jenkins was contacted during the new shoot of Zack Snyder Justice League, which was eventually finished by Joss Whedon, or if he was offered a follow-up film, or a completely different project from Justice League.

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Snyder was announced as the director of Justice League in 2014, but had to move away from the film in its final stages due to a heartbreaking personal tragedy.

After years of campaigning for the release of his version of the film, filmmaker Man of Steel recently confirmed that the Snyder Cut – or at least a Snyder Cut – would arrive on HBO Max in 2021, and it could take the form of a four-hour movie, or even a series of TV episodes.

To learn more about the Snyder Cut of Justice League, check out our in-depth dive into the history of the legendary project.
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