With finances fragile because of the pandemic, Oakland now looking to sell the Coliseum site


It took quite a bit of debate, but the Oakland City Council has instructed staff to begin negotiations to sell the city’s half of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum site in Oakland of. The decision came Thursday in closed session, and marks a stark change from last October, when the leaders of the city filed a complaint in an attempt to block Alameda County from the sale of its half share of the 155-acre East Oakland site of the team.

The complaint was subsequently withdrawn, at the instigation of Major League Baseball.

The members of the board are prevented from discussing what happens behind closed doors, but sources close to the talks said the city of the deal would mirror the county process and net of approximately $ 85 million spread over a yet-to-be determined number of years.

The A are looking to build a new waterfront baseball stadium at the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal, but also the ability to develop the Coliseum site. The two bids are based on the team construction of a new baseball stadium in Oakland.

Initially, some board members have wanted the Coliseum site to be used for affordable housing, others wanted it to put the site on the application, other still wanted to rent rather than sell the city part of the team.


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