Wife and 15 friends all get coronavirus at the end of the night to celebrate the end of the quarantine


A woman who had contracted the coronavirus with 15 of his friends told him that they were “careless” after going out to celebrate the end of isolation.Erika Crisp said she has been tested positive for Covid-19 after celebrating with a group of friends in Jacksonville, Florida.

The health workers, 40 years old, had been sick for eight days, she said News4Jax, adding that the rest of his group had also found that they had the disease.

It is now believed that the companies opened too soon, and called on the people to make sure they stick to the social distance of the rules.

The place where they went to celebrate Lynch’s Irish Pub – voluntarily shut down for cleaning, but said it would remain closed if staff members test positive.

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Erika Crisp said that she regretted to go to a party with his friends

Erika said that she and her friends were overjoyed to be allowed to go out again, after weeks in the interior, ” all the good “.

She said that the only common link between friends diagnosed with the coronavirus was one of the night.

Erika said that she regretted going out, admit that she and her friends had a ” out of sight, out of mind “mentality.

She said that she and her friends had been ” negligent “, adding: “The state opens back and said everyone is going well, we took advantage of this. “

The place is closed for cleanup after the clients have been diagnosed

Neither she or his friends wore masks, she said.

Erika said: “We should wear masks. We should be social distancing.

“It was too early to open everything back up.”

More than 118 000 coronavirus deaths have been recorded across the united states since the beginning of the pandemic.

The united states has seen so far confirmed to 2.16 million cases of the killer virus.


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