Why is Dr. Disrespect banned on Twitch? Here’s what we know


Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has been banned on Twitch, and there is a cloud of mystery as to why.

Dr. Disrespect was released on Friday when it abruptly ended. Later that day, it was discovered that he had been banned from Twitch. No immediate reason was given, and reports since have given no reason. Twitch said nothing about the length of the ban, but esports reporter Rod Breslau said it’s permanent.

Although no definitive reason has been given, reports and statements have been made on this matter. We will review the information we know and what exists.

Is Dr Disrespect banned on Twitch?

Twitch hasn’t said anything official about the length of time, but there are several reports that it has been permanently banned from the streaming platform.

What did Twitch say about Dr. Disrespect’s ban?

Twitch has not issued an official statement about Dr. disrespect or the reason for its ban. All the company has done is issue a general statement on how the ban process works.

“Like our process, we take appropriate action when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of our community guidelines or terms of use,” says Twitch. “These rules apply to all streamers, regardless of their status or importance in the community.”

What did Dr. Disrespect say about the ban?

Dr. Disrespect said nothing about it when he first appeared on Friday, but posted a statement on Twitter on Saturday.

Dr. Disrespect also spoke with a friend and colleague streamer TimTheTatman, although their conversation was not broadcast. But TimTheTatman relayed the same message, that Dr. Disrespect did not know the reason why he was banned.

Dr. Disrespect’s wife also issued a statement. She is known in the online community as Ms. Assassin.

“The outpouring of love, support, strength and kindness from the arena has been truly overwhelming. You have all filled my heart and I cannot thank you enough. No one better than CC [Champion’s Club]. You are amazing guys! Lots of love to all of you. “

Does this have to do with Twitch’s sexual abuse bans?

On June 24, Twitch announced that it would “start issuing permanent suspensions” following “recent allegations of sexual abuse and harassment involving Twitch streamers”. Two days later, Dr. Disrespect was suspended. There have been no allegations, so at this point it seems like a strange coincidence.

What about DMCA withdrawal requests?

Earlier this month, Twitch streamers received an abundance of requests to remove Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) from clips that involved copyrighted music. A banner said “if they find one more violation in my clips, my Twitch account will be authorized. However, this does not appear to be the case with Dr. disrespect.

So why was Dr. Disrespect banned from Twitch?

No clear reason was given.

Breslau claims that he knows the reason, but will not reveal it “because of the importance and sensitivity around the subject”.

Former Twitch staff member “ShannonZKiller” also said on Twitter that she knew the reason but would not reveal anything other than saying “this is serious”. Then she deleted the tweet and says the reason why was, “I totally understand that it turns out [people] I didn’t want any more confirmation that this is a permanent ban for no reason and I felt that the tweet was a hunt for weight, so I will respect that outlook and delete the tweet. ”

Is Dr. Irrespect in legal trouble?

He has not been arrested, according to reports.

What about Brime’s plot with Ninja and Shroud?

From what we can say, Brime’s plot is not legitimate. The rumor – launched on 4Chan – starts by saying that Spotify belongs to Google, which it is not. Most of the other information involved in this plot relates to Google, which has nothing to do with Spotify, which makes it fragile. Also, if there was more legitimacy to this rumor, then more people would know. Do not believe this conspiracy theory.

And the end of Dr Disrespect’s last stream?

If you’ve been looking for information about Dr. Disrespect’s ban, you may have noticed that some people are mentioning the end of his latest feed. A video of the feed is available online and you can see that something is wrong. Dr. Disrespect plays a video, but ignores it completely and is generally silent towards the end of his stream.

Before signing, he had a brief message.

“I appreciate that everyone is watching today. We will pass through this club of champions. Life is weird right now. We’ll get through this, and uh, f—. ”

Has Dr. Disrespect already been banned?

Yes. In June 2019, Dr. Disrespect was streaming live at E3 when he entered the men’s bathroom. It was an apparent violation of California’s “privacy invasion” law while filming others in the bathroom as well. He then did it two more times and at one point filmed himself in the urinal. He was banned from Twitch for two weeks for this incident.

Why is Dr. Disrespect’s ban so important?

Dr Disrespect has been one of Twitch’s biggest faces, drawing millions of viewers throughout the history of its channel. Back in March He signed a multi-million dollar multi-year agreement to broadcast on Twitch. There’s also a lot of interest in that because it’s not often that Twitch permanently bans a well-known streamer. And the fact that the platform didn’t explain why it just made people talk about it.

Did Dr. Disrespect’s sponsors drop him?

Dr Disrespect’s sponsors, GameFuel and Razer, initially deleted their respective campaigns from their website and social media pages. But these campaigns have now been relaunched, adding further confusion around this already strange story. You can see the difference between Razer’s pages here.

What about Dr. Disrespect’s subscribers?

Dr. Disrespect’s subscribers have been canceled and those who purchased them have been reimbursed. This has led many people to believe that he was indeed permanently banned, as it is a strange decision for Twitch if he was just suspended for a short time.


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