Why Colin Cowherd Now Comparing Carson Wentz To Russell Wilson


Fox Sports artist Colin Cowherd has a hot and cold reputation among sports fans, but he has reluctantly earned respect from Eagles fans over the years for his continued defense of Carson Wentz.

Cowherd decided to re-launch his defense of Wentz on Tuesday, this time because Wentz went No. 11 overall in a theoretical draw at the league level.

In Cowherd’s eyes, Wentz should have been in the top three behind Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson, which praises:

And Cowherd has actually taken this praise a step further: the way he sees it, Wentz is on a career path similar to that of Wilson.

Here’s Cowherd’s take, in his own words:

I am proud to spot the talent of the quarterback early. I did this with Russell Wilson three and four years ago. I said, “My friends, stop. It’s not the defense of the Seahawks. It’s not Pete Carroll, it’s not Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson is the secret sauce of this quasi-dynasty. I don’t get the Carson Wentz repression.


He’s the league player now – because I think people came to Andrew Luck, I think they came to Russell Wilson, he didn’t just me but dozens of contributors – Wentz is the new Russell Wilson. It is good. Stop that. He’s the only guy in the league where, you watch Patrick Mahomes, and you can see Wentz.

Given that the Eagles wanted to write Wilson, and not even let it influence one of their picks this year, the idea that Wentz would become a consistent, uniquely elite QB franchise like Wilson is probably music to the ears. organisation.

(And a Mahomes reference doesn’t hurt.)

But does comparing Wentz to Wilson make sense?

I think it is.

Let’s take a look at Wilson’s first four years in the NFL:

Percentage of completion: 64.7%
DT: 106 (1.65 per match)
INT: 34 (0.53 per game)
Yards per attempt: 8.1
Yards per match: 218.3

And now let’s take a look at Wentz after four years:

Percentage of completion: 63.8%
DT: 97 (1.73 per game)
INT: 35 (0.62 per match)
Yards per attempt: 6.9
Yards per match: 253.4

These are fairly close figures.

Wentz was slightly less precise, had slightly more touchdowns * and * more interceptions per game, and averaged more yards per game on fewer yards per attempt.

You have to give Wilson the advantage for efficiency, but only slightly. They’re pretty close to each other.

The comparison is starting to fade with regard to Wilson’s precipitation numbers (411 attempts, 2,430 yards, 12 touchdowns) versus Wentz’s precipitation numbers (206 attempts, 785 yards, 3 touchdowns), but when it is in good health, Wentz’s mobility and general elusiveness are certainly Wilson-esque.

If Wentz returns to his form of 2017 this season – quite likely with a large reception body greatly improved and the progress he showed last season – I imagine Cowherd will happily mark this offseason take for a while time.

Just like fans of the Eagles.

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