“Who gave us the right? – Aston Villa fans react to magnificent Leicester City moment


Aston Villa doubled its fitness program yesterday by hosting not one, but two training sessions against Leicester City.Villa, who will face Sheffield United on June 17, faced West Bromwich Albion over the weekend before facing the Foxes at Villa Park and King Power Stadium yesterday.

No official score was provided for the match – but a recorded moment got the fans talking.

A video emerged from the Villa striker scoring a special goal from what appears to be an offside position.

However, that didn’t stop fans from coming forward to appreciate the effort.

Forward Trezeguet made a superb passing move by Villa, who caught himself on a back wheel of Keinan Davis to send the ball into the corners of the net.

After images of Jack Grealish’s spectacular arrival against West Bromwich Albion went viral, there was high demand for images of closed-door training sessions while fans were hungry for football.

They will get their dose on June 17 as Villa returns to the Premier League against Sheffield United.

Until then, however, they may have to settle for sporadic distant goal pictures.

Here’s how Villa fans reacted to Trezeguet’s arrival:

“Excellent team goal. ”

“Man like Trezeguet. ”

“Great awareness of Keinan Davies. ”

“It reminds me of Bentenke & Weirmann’s goal against Liverpool several moons ago when we beat them at Anfield. ”

“Neat finish from Trez. ”

“Who gave us the right to be so good behind closed doors. ”

“VAR would have sent it offside from the first pass forward. Certainly. ”

“Behind closed doors will suit Villa!” ”

“Keinan Davis and Trezeguet turn into Benteke and Weimann at Anfield. ”

“If it goes in the summer and we haven’t played it, I’m going to be furious. “


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