When the NBA returns, it can use “NBA 2K” for crowd noise


The NBA is set to restart its season with 22 teams playing Disney World in Orlando, now that the NBA Player’s Association has approved new negotiations on the plan. One problem they will face is playing fanless games in the arena, and according to a report by The Athletic, discussions are underway, but it is proposed to channel the noise of the crowds of the NBA 2K video game.

NBA 2K also serves as the platform for the official league esports series and has already simulated its own end of the 2019-2020 regular season, and its attention to detail in the basketball experience can help fill in the blanks. . Some leagues that returned to action during the coronavirus pandemic are already using integrated audio, including the Bundesliga soccer, and Sky Sports plans to use EA’s FIFA 20 game for a similar effect on Premier League broadcasts .


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