When Apple will launch there iOS 14 to the public?


iOS 14 has been officially announced during the Keynote of the special event WWDC, Apple’s Monday, but this does not mean that it is available to all the world at the moment. iOS 14 is currently available only to developers via the beta test, but Apple plans to publish it soon.

What’s new?

iOS 14 includes countless new features to users of iPhone and iPod touch. Perhaps most notably, a variety of changes to the home screen for the first time. iOS 14 lets users add widgets to their home screen, while the applications can also now be stored in the new library of applications. This means that you no longer need to store all your apps on your home screen. Instead, you can keep your most-used apps on your home screen and access the rest via the applications library.

iOS 14 also adds a new application Translate, which offers a translator complete for dictation in text and voice. Apple Maps has added new features designed to help users to reduce their carbon footprint, including the support of bicycle routes and routing EV, while the CarKey is a new way to unlock and start your car using your iPhone.

Apple also says that iOS 14 will allow users to edit their application preferences by default for the first time. This feature is not available in the beta versions, but this means that users can set to something like Gmail as the default Web browser and Chrome as the default Web browser.

iOS 14 also includes a selection of new wallpapers colorful, but you don’t have to wait for the release of the update for the try. Check out our story with download links to the new wallpapers iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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When Apple will launch there iOS 14 to the public?

Apple has announced that a public beta of iOS 14, will be available in July. Once this version is published, you will be able to install iOS 14 on your iPhone or iPod touch without being a registered developer. This does not mean that iOS 14 will be completely free of bugs and performance problems, but it will be at least stable enough for more people to try it.

Apple has not said when specifically in July, the public beta version of iOS 14 will be available. This could be as early as next week, but we’re betting that this will happen probably between mid-July and the end of July rather than early July.

What to do if you are not ready for the beta test of iOS 14? If this is the case, you will have to wait until fall to install iOS 14, on your iPhone. Usually, this version takes place in September alongside the latest models of iPhone, this year being the iPhone 12.

The current reports indicate that the iPhone 12 might not be out before October, but it is not clear if iOS 14 could also be pushed so far. At the present time, “fall” is the only clue that Apple has given us to its new release date of the software.

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