What symptoms of COVID-19 did Prince Charles have?


The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) began to take shape around the world in January. Since then, many people have been diagnosed with the disease, including many celebrities and members of the royal family.

Prince Charles is a person who tested positive for the new coronavirus. The virus does not affect everyone the same, but there are usually some common symptoms in COVID-19 patients. As such, fans are probably curious to know what symptoms Charles experienced.

Prince Charles | Steve Parsons – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Prince Charles’ diagnosis was
revealed in March

On March 25, Clarence House released a statement revealing that
Charles tested positive for the new coronavirus.

“The Prince of Wales tested positive for the coronavirus,”
the statement read, as reported by CNN.
“He has mild symptoms but otherwise remains healthy and
has been working from home for a few days, as usual. ”

Clarence House also shared that his wife, Camilla,
Duchess of Cornwall, was also tested, saying, “The Duchess of Cornwall has
also tested but does not contain the virus. In accordance with the government and
medical advice, the prince and the duchess now isolate themselves at home
Scotland… It is not possible to know from whom the prince caught the virus
because of the high number of commitments he made in his public role
in the past few weeks. “

Prince Charles COVID-19 Symptoms

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Clarence House’s statement only revealed that Charles had “mild symptoms”, so that the public did not know much about the exact COVID-19 symptoms the prince had suffered.

However, recently Charles decided to share some information
about what COVID-19 was for him. Visiting the Gloucestershire Royal
Charles heard about his symptoms at the hospital with his wife.

“The Prince of Wales also spoke to staff about the loss of taste and odor when they had #coronavirus and said they were still feeling the effects of the virus. Several weeks later, ” tweeted Chris Ship, a royal reporter who was at the event.

Prince Charles was
practice social distancing

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After his diagnosis, Charles was put in solitary confinement
away from everyone, including Camilla. Although Charles and Camilla could not
see each other for several days, they were both quarantined at Birkhall
House in Scotland.

As Charles had only mild symptoms, he was not severely
sick and could still enjoy different activities in the house. In an essay
for Country
Life Charles shared that like many people he had used
technology in self-isolation.

“We have seen the best use of technology – allowing us
to continue working, but also to stay in touch through virtual parties, games,
sing – and some of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time! »Charles

Her son, Prince William, also revealed in an interview with
the BBC
that their family had kept in touch with each other despite being
physically distant.

In any case, Charles and Camilla recently returned to London. Even if foreclosure measures are still in place in the UK, this decision is seen as a sign that the couple will soon resume their royal duties.


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