What role could Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul play in the MCU?


Aaron Paul may face life-long cast for playing Jesse Pinkman for five seasons breaking Bad. So far, he seems to be doing well thanks to another round in season 3 of Westworld. Even then, he can never do an interview without raising the character of Pinkman.

Maybe Paul needs something much more dramatic to shake this convincing character. Some might even say that it should enter a big film franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as a career reset.

Well, according to Paul himself, there is really no point in getting into the MCU. Although he never said that explicitly, he alludes to it based on some of the career issues he faced after breaking Bad completed.

As popular as Aaron Paul, he faced career failures

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During the race Breaking Bad, Paul notes in recent interviews that he looked like he was ready for life. Movie offerings came from all directions during the show, initially positioning him for the movie’s stardom.

Unfortunately, the films he chose to make failed at the box office immediately afterbreaking Bad Time range. The first was Need of speed, a film a little too close to being a Fast furious imitation.

He followed him by appearing in a failed biblical epic: Exodus: Gods and kings, directed by Ridley Scott. Then he went on streaming with Hulu The path, a sight that Paul himself said felt a little confused in the narrative.

All these failures have wreaked havoc on his psyche. As he said to Vulture himself last year, “You are making a commercial film that is not as successful as they think it is going to be and you are damned. “

Aaron Paul’s focus on streaming and television led to a revelation

Aaron Paul | Tasia Wells / WireImage

After having done El Camino: a history of rupture last year, the role of Pinkman was finally given a full turn which seemed satisfactory to Paul. He also started to realize that his real niche was probably television or streaming.

Living these big failures in the proposed franchise films has taught a valuable lesson by not giving them all hope. The disappointment in this area came when he also refused a role in a major film that became a major success, a film he never named.

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Paul developed this in his Vulture interview above, noting that he preferred to do television now than the big franchise films: “I can’t live with this pressure on me, either. I am happy “.

Knowing this, MCU fans can probably expect him to never play a superhero or villain for Marvel like some fans wanted. Many Reddit threads have been launched over the years to make this true.

Should Aaron Paul Stay Away From The MCU?

Six years ago, Reddit fans started a thread asking where Aaron Paul could be placed in the MCU. Some fans responded by saying that he could play The Hood based on the character he had defined while playing Pinkman.

Others thought he could play Iron Fist, or even (oddly) Iron Man himself. Only The Hood seemed the most realistic. Either way, the MCU will probably never persuade Paul to join their inner circle.

No doubt they can try, especially if they start waving big checks. Working on TV still only pays half the MCU, though the MCU may be a scary recruiting method.

Meanwhile, Paul really stood out by playing the troubled Caleb Nichols on Westworld. Paul saying how happy he is now should mean everything in the showbiz world when money certainly doesn’t buy happiness. Here again, when time passes, his philosophy on this subject may be forcibly changed.


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