What passengers can expect from their flight from Leeds airport Bradford


This video shows passengers what it’s like a trip to the airport to Leeds Bradford after a series of new measures have been introduced to try to protect them from Covid-19.The airport has re-opened its doors on Sunday, June 21, after being closed to the public for 12 weeks due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Passengers must now pass through a “preparation area” outside the entrance to the terminal so that the staff can speak to them of the new provisions of health and safety.

Only the passengers are allowed to enter the airport and have to wear face masks inside the terminal.

Strict measures of social distancing are in place, although persons of the same household can stay together, and passengers are encouraged to use washing stations, and disinfection of the hands that have been put in place.

  • Flights of Ryanair have taken on the 21st of June
  • Flights of Eastern Airways will resume on June 29
  • KLM flights to resume on July 4
  • Flights Jet2 will resume on the 15 July
  • Aer Lingus flights to resume on 1st August

Only car parks within walking distance of the terminal are open, the shuttle bus services have been suspended, the fast path is not available and all the shops were closed, but a coffee pop-up in the Yorkshire Lounge offers dishes to take away.

The airport indicates that “the process across the border remains the same” for incoming passengers, but all those who come from abroad must be isolated for 14 days.


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