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star Lisa
Kudrow played the character Phoebe Buffay from 1994 to 2004. Here’s what
Kudrow has spoken about the character that she played for 10 seasons.

The favorite episode of friends Lisa Kudrow

Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green | photo Bank NBCU

What episode is the favorite of Kudrow? The actress does all the
back at the beginning. Kudrow tells Entertainment
his favorite episode is the buddies driver. It refers to
his first episode as “exciting”.

“We were like little puppies, climbing everywhere
and play and play games, ” says Kudrow. “It was fun. “

Lisa Kudrow says that she will not look the reruns of ” Friends “

Lisa Kudrow on the set of friends | Bank of photos Danny Feld / NBCU
Lisa Kudrow on the set of friends | Bank of photos Danny Feld / NBCU

The fans love it buddies and many episodes to re-watch all the
chance that they get. However, Kudrow said that she does not go back and look not old
episodes. She said Entertainment tonight she remembers not even the last
once she saw an episode. The reason for this? Kudrow was not sure that she will love it
sees. The actress has a fear of looking at his performance. “I don’t look at if it is
“says Kudrow. “I could not love me [on the show]so I prefer not to
risk. “

What Lisa Kudrow think of Phoebe Buffay

Kudrow says that she loves Phoebe and that she does not see it as
unintelligent. On the contrary, Kudrow said that Phoebe sees just the world in another
way. According to Kudrow, Phoebe has a unique approach to life.

Phoebe was a lovely person, she was feisty. There was more to it because it had more than two lines. But it was like a decent person, just a little feisty. I didn’t see Phoebe as someone who does not understand or is not paying attention. It was someone who came to see the world differently. His point of view was completely different, but she was really attached.

Lisa Kudrow has dealt with body image issues during her time on ” Friends “

During a podcast with Marc Maron, Kudrow reveals she has had body image issues. She describes herself as a “mountain of woman”, claiming that she felt uncomfortable because she is bigger and larger than her former co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. Kudrow told Maron that she was very skinny at a given time. She remembers to have been so skinny that she is often sick colds and other diseases.

Lisa Kudrow said that ” part of his “death” at the end of “friends”

Be part of the buddies the cast was very special to
Kudrow. She said that it was difficult to leave the show. The end of buddies
after 10 years, has left a significant impact on the actress. In the course of a Variety
interview, she said that leaving the series was like a death:

It’s not like, ” Oh, it has been working so hard for 10 years “,
says Kudrow. “This is not it. This is because I know that this show worked because we have all
committed to each other also. It was not only to engage in a role,
a contract. We always like. Our distribution is like that, and that is why
it has market. I think a part of me is dead. I can’t start over. ”

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