“What I always feared”; and the husband of Dame Barbara Windsor says she could be required to be supported | UK News


The husband of Dame Barbara Windsor says she may soon have to move into a care home because her Alzheimer’s disease worsened.

Scott Mitchell, age 57, has stated that a specialist had told him that it would perhaps be more possible for the former star of Carry On and Eastenders to stay home.

Lady Barbara has received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in 2014, and Mitchell has campaigned to raise awareness of the disease.

September 2019: Scott Mitchell and Dame Barbara submit a letter to the Prime minister calling for better care for dementia

In September of last year, they were handed to Downing Street a letter signed by 100,000 people, asking for better support for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

The letter indicated that the care for people with dementia across the country were ” difficult, or even impossible in some places “.

He added: “Our experience is that of a system of care that, too often, do not care – a system that is completely inadequate, unfair, unsustainable, and desperately in need of more money. ”

Now, Mitchell is said to have declared to a television documentary made by former co-star of the actress, and son on screen is Ross Kemp as his wife moving into a care home is ” the one thing I’ve always feared.”

He said: “He (the specialist) told me essentially that I must prepare myself at any given time, this may not be not viable to provide the care she needs at home.

“I’ve had times quite dark since he said this because there’s a part of me that knows that this is probably the truth and that is what needs to happen. ”

Mitchell, who, according to the newspaper Sun, which will appear on Ross Kemp: Living with dementia, added: “there’s another part of me that can’t imagine to let her go.

“I can’t imagine letting this lady when she talks to me like she does and put it somewhere and think” Why me has he done it? “”


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