What First Attracted Prince William to Kate Middleton? It was not His appearance


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is beautiful, smart, and has a heart of gold, so there is no question of denying the fact that the potential partners were probably lining up for a chance to date. Chances are, she never imagined that she would end up by the wife of the future King of England, and to live a life that millions of people are jealous of.

Prince William probably also was well aware of the fact that he could have had almost anyone he wanted. After all, it is surprisingly beautiful, funny and smart.

It seems that it was yesterday that the young prince was to leave the college, at the University of St. andrews in Scotland, where he met Kate and his life changed forever. Unlike most people who are at the head to a new venue, the Prince William was recognizable to all students on the campus of the school, and tons of girls were happy to meet him.

He eventually fell in love with and married to Kate, and the whole world could not have been more pleased. However, a lot of royal fans can’t help but wonder what, exactly, attracted Prince William to Kate?

A royal relationship and a fairytale wedding

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Dating a prince sounds like a dream come true for anyone, but the reality is, it happens only very few people. Kate has been lucky enough to catch the eye of Prince William, and before she knew it, she was getting a taste of what life in the public eye was like.

Like most couples, the relationship didn’t come without its ups and downs. According to It, Kate and Prince William broke on more than one occasion, and things were not always easy.

Kate came from a family typical and quiet, to education, and after entering into a relationship with a member of the royal family, she has been constantly hounded by photographers and the media. It was difficult, but Kate handled all the attention as best she could.

Finally, after many years, the couple has announced their engagement, and they married in a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey in April 2011, which has been seen by billions of people around the world.

They were friends first

The king’s Cup Regatta | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

A lot of people may not know that Prince William and Kate were friends before the start of their romantic relationship. It has in fact been dating someone else at the time, and even admitted in the couple’s engagement interview that she was shy about her encounter with the prince.

According to the Wives, they spent time together and eventually moved into an apartment with two other students. Still, for a time, their relationship was nothing more than platonic, and it was some time before William started seeing Kate in a whole new light.

What attracted Prince William to Kate Middleton?

It seems that the two of them were good friends, but eventually, something has changed. So, that is what attracted Prince William to Kate all of those years?

More it all started when Kate was walking in a charity fashion show wearing a simple dress that she took William’s eye, and as we know, he has never looked back. Suddenly, the prince began to realize how attracted he was to Kate, and, eventually, their relationship blossomed into more.

They said so many sweet things about each other over the years, and that makes it even more obvious that the two of them are destined to be together. In fact, according to the Romper, it was more attracted by his “wicked” sense of humor, saying that it went perfectly with the “dry” sense of humor that he has of himself. How wonderful that the Prince William and Kate can have a laugh, all the while knowing that they are a perfect match.


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