What bothered Mary the most about the apology of Varya


90 Days fiance The stars Varya Malina and Mary Wallace have not recovered since their first meeting.

Varya came to surprise her boyfriend, Geoffrey Paschel, in his home when she found Mary on the couch. Geoffrey thought that varya and him had broken, and Varya has not done so. A violent altercation has followed between the two women.

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Varya apologized to Mary, after their altercation

In an interview with Varya has done with The Domenick Nati Show on June 3, she said that she had tried to apologize to Mary, but that she had not accepted.

“This was perhaps not sincere at that time, but I realized that I was wrong to be very rude and I’ve apologized. But she was not ready to accept the apology. Now, we have no link with each other. No communication, no friendship, ” she said.

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On 7 June, Marie has been interviewed by The Domenick Nati Show and asked about the apology of Varya to it. She confirmed that she did not accept the apology of Varya.

“You must remember when this happened, and when she apologized, it was a few hours after it is presented at the door. I’ve said nothing, you’ve seen it. I’ve said nothing when I left. I was still stunned. I was still in a state of shock. I was still pissed. And the last thing I wanted to do was for me to make friends. I wanted her to hear me. It was she who was screaming and yelling and whatever at the door. I’ve had the time to create the anger. I was not ready to accept these excuses “, she said.

What Mary did not like in the apology of Varya

Which really doesn’t sit well with Mary about an apology from Varya, it was that she was ready to say sorry, but not ready to hear and listen to his side.

“was too crazy to even want to listen to it. And she still had emotions, too. Honestly, I did not even looked at. So I don’t know what they have shown, what they didn’t shown. But at one point, she gets up and goes. And she just had finished. I wanted her to hear what I had to say. And she rose and left, as she did not want to hear what I had to say it at all. It was about it, ” said Mary.

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“e’m just not that person. You come to the door, it is you who immisces, and you are not going to sit there and listen to me ? No, sis. I do not believe ” , she added.

Mary said that Varya has also tried to apologize to her at the bar that night.

“‘I have been invited, people think that I was not, as I’ve just demonstrated. No, originally, it dragged all of you with our friends. It is for this reason that I went to the bar. And then, of course, she said: “I want to apologize, I want to talk to you. We need to have a conversation. And I said to myself: ‘ok, I hear you. But you’re going to listen to me also, what it has not done so. But no matter. I mean, I have, ” she said.

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