Watch Tesla’s latest autopilot software run a roundabout


New video shows Tesla’s latest autopilot software that automatically manages steering in a full roundabout.As noted earlier, Tesla is going through “a major fundamental rewrite in the Tesla autopilot.” As part of the rewrite, CEO Elon Musk says that “the neural network is increasingly absorbing the problem.”

It will also include a more extensive labeling system.

Musk described 3D labeling as a game changer:

This is where the car enters a scene with eight cameras and paints a path, then you can label the path in 3D.

The CEO said the new rewrite allows Tesla to make autopilot improvements faster and release new features.

Tesla has released several updates with smaller improvements to the autopilot system, but these are in addition and may create new capabilities.

With 2020.16.3.1, a Model 3 owner going through “Tesla Driver” on YouTube managed to get Autopilot to complete a full roundabout:

To be fair, he had to initiate some lane changes to make it work, but the Autopilot Autosteer technically steered the vehicle autonomously all the time.

Taking Electrek

I like the person’s reaction. Every time Tesla launches a new feature or autopilot capability and your car runs it, it feels the same as if you were teaching your dog a new trick and doing it for the first time.

This person’s reaction made me think of that.

It’s an impressive performance, but I think it pushes the autopilot capacity to its limit. I like the way Tesla Driver does it, being safe in making sure there is no other car at the roundabout and reducing the top speed of the traffic-sensitive cruise control.

As usual, even if we see the autopilot improving, keep in mind that this is not an autonomous driving system, and you have to keep your hands on the wheel and pay attention to any time.

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