Watch Keke Palmer Urge National Guard To Show Support


Photo: Getty Images for Audi Canada

Keke Palmer implored members of the National Guard to show their support for anti-racist protesters during a demonstration on Tuesday. In one now viral video Tweeted by journalist Gadi Schwartz, Palmer is seen talking to National Guard troops about the urgency of the moment and the need for the police to listen to the marginalized communities they control: when you stand together with the community, with society stop government oppression. Period. We need you. One of the soldiers tells Palmer that he “agrees” with her, and Palmer then asks her to “walk next to us.” The soldier replies that he cannot leave his post and must “control” the intersection on which the demonstrators walk, to which Palmer replies: “What is there to control? Encouraged by the crowd, the soldier eventually knelt with the rest of his unit. Palmer can be heard saying “this is not enough” and continues to encourage soldiers to march with the protesters.


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