WATCH: Jon Jones squats 225 lbs with ease during his last workout


Jon Jones retired from sport after failed contract negotiations with the UFC.Jones has repeatedly indicated on social media that he is ready to give up his title and that he could potentially give up the sport.

However, all of these issues didn’t stop Jon Jones from posting his insane training videos, even though he doesn’t have a fight coming anytime soon.

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Jon Jones squats several times with ease

Jones took social media and showed his crazy strength by squatting a 225 pound dumbbell five times. He performed the squat with precision, focusing on form.

Jones was able to squat 225 lbs easily and did not need any additional help or support to do the exercise. Jones has repeatedly revealed in the past that he will do an average of 335 lbs of squats with a maximum of 500 lbs.

“Bones” is often criticized for having “chicken thighs,” however, this video is proof that he is one of the strongest fighters in the world.

Many of his ardent supporters soon speculated that he was working to get back into the octagon. Additionally, fans were shocked to see Bones squat with ease, many of them thanking him for being a motivation.

Jon Jones has taken leave of the Octagon and has been involved in many charities to help families suffering from the pandemic.

Jon Jones was last seen in action against Dominick Reyes, where he successfully defended his title.

Many experts believed Dominick Reyes deserved to win the fight, but Jones managed to seal the victory via

unanimous decision.

Fight fans hope his training and training videos are an indication of his return to the UFC. Although the situation between Jon Jones and the UFC has calmed down, it remains to be seen whether he will fight for promotion.

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