Watch Guendouzi seize Maupay throat sparks of brawl as Arsenal and Brighton face charges for Covid rule violation


MATTEO GUENDOUZI caught Neal Maupay’s throat and is likely to be in hot water with the Premier League to break the new rules.

The two sets of players were involved in purses at the end of Brighton’s 2-1 Arsenal win on Saturday afternoon.


Matteo Guendouzi caught Neal Maupay’s throat at the end of the Arsenal, furious at the defeat in BrightonCredit: BT Sport


The incident could now land, the two men in hot water with the FA to break the social distance from the guidelinesCredit: AFP or licensors

French striker Maupay, who had previously been involved in a dirty incident with goalkeeper Bernd Leno’s Gunners, with the seriously injured German himself.

This injury saw a long standstill and Leno angrily faced the Brighton ace as he was carried on a stretcher.

In cruel irony for the visitors, it was Maupay who was going to score a 95th minute winner for the Seagulls – one minute over the allotted time of four minutes of added time.

As full-time, a whistle blast, clearly angry Guendouzi confronted Maupay and caught him round the throat, sending the attacker collapsing the earth into a heap.

Who saw a mass with the whole of the players of the two teams, – rupture of the new closed-door rules.

Under the new guidelines for football lockout, players have been told to “Avoid mass clashes with opponents or match officials” to follow the rules of social distancing.

It is not clear what sentence the two teams will receive, or whether they will simply be called to account.

Maupay revealed after the game he personally apologized to Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta for the incident with Leno.

He then directed a shot to some Arsenal players.

  Brighton forward was heavily criticized by the Arsenal of players after a collision with Bernd Leno forced the goalkeeper to be evacuated on a stretcher4
Brighton forward has been heavily criticized by the Arsenal of players after a collision with Bernd Leno forced the goalkeeper to be evacuated on a stretcherCredit: Richard Pelham – Le Soleil
  Maupay went on the sackcloth for a late game goal for the Seagulls as they came from behind for triumph 2-1


Maupay went on the sackcloth of a late game goal for the Gulls as they came from behind for triumph 2-1Credit: Richard Pelham – Le Soleil

He said to BT Sport, “At half time I went to Mikel Arteta to apologize. I never wanted to hurt the goalkeeper, I just jumped to catch the ball.

“Some of the Arsenal players need to learn humility sometimes, they talked about a lot and got what they deserved.

“Until the goalkeeper has the ball, you never know what can happen. It’s football there is contact, I am very sorry for him, I apologize again and wish him a speedy recovery. ”

On his last winning sigh, which he was clearly delighted with, Maupay added: “I just turned with my left, it is a goal. This is our first victory in this new year. I’m so happy for the team. ”

Arteta also defended Maupay afterwards, saying, “I think it’s very unfortunate. I don’t think he wanted to hurt him, he’s not looking for good. We have to fight and be positive, tomorrow is another day.

“I think the players who came today are really good, we just have enough to win the game comfortably, but we’re starting with zero points.

“I think it was very different from one-on-one against Manchester City, when you give cheap goals like we did in what you are going to suffer. ”

Injured Bernd Leno rages on Neal Maupay, as he gets evacuated to Brighton


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