Wales plans to allow hairdressers to reopen from July 13


Wales will consider letting hairdressers reopen from July 13, the country’s Prime Minister announced today.Mark Drakeford said there will be a review next month to consider a “range of specific options” to restart personal care services, including hair and beauty, by appointment.

The exam will take place on July 9. It is understood that if a change is accepted, it will probably take effect on Monday July 13.

Self-contained holiday accommodation is also expected to reopen in Wales from the same date.

The exact rules and dates for any reopening have not yet been agreed – and will depend on the progress of the virus.

Mark Drakeford said there will be a review on July 9 to explore options

But today’s announcement means that Wales seems to have set a firmer date than England when people could finally get their hair cut.

In England, hair and nail salons are part of a wave of businesses that may start reopening in England from July 4 – but only sooner rather than later.

And the ministers warned that hairstylists may have to wait longer, because being near your haircut means it’s a higher risk activity.

Scotland has included hairdressers in “phase 3” of its flexibility plan, which would start on July 9 at the earliest.

Wales would only allow “by appointment” haircuts.

A source suggested that it could mean, for example, allowing only one person in a living room at a time – but stressed that the details are not confirmed.

Meanwhile, private prayer, house visits and some outdoor sports can resume in Wales from Monday, the country’s prime minister said.

Mark Drakeford also announced that non-essential stores could reopen from Monday, followed by schools from June 29 (with up to a third of students at a time) and tourism from July 6.

This midday he added the following changes from Monday, bringing Wales closer to the changes already made in England:

  • Private prayer can resume in places of worship where social distance is maintained and where gatherings do not take place;
  • The housing market may rebound, with house visits to vacant properties and house moves where a sale has been agreed but not yet completed;
  • Outdoor sports grounds can reopen, but social distance must be maintained. No contact or team sport will be allowed;
  • Elite non-professional athletes, including Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls, can resume training.

Wales will likely remove the five-mile limit on trips from July 6, allowing the British to enter the country.

In the meantime, new guidelines will make it clear that people can travel outside of their region for compassionate reasons.

There will then be a review on July 9 on the reopening of self-contained accommodation, with a view to companies making reservations from July 13.

This will include holiday homes, static caravans, and hotels where social distancing is possible – but not campsites or inns with shared sleeping or bathroom facilities.

Drakeford warned “it will not be like going back to the current situation” and “the virus is still there” – and said any local epidemic could push the date back.

He said, “The threat from the coronavirus has not gone away.

“But thanks to our efforts over the past few months, the number of people getting coronavirus every day in Wales is decreasing, as is the risk of meeting someone infected with the virus. ”

“Given the progress we have made, we are able to take additional prudent steps to further unlock our society and our economy.”

“This means that more retailers can reopen their businesses, as long as they take steps to minimize the risk to their staff and to customers who visit their stores. ”

“We continue to focus on the health risks of the epidemic, but we can now begin to focus much more cautiously on the wider economic and societal impact of the virus.

“We have provided tremendous support to businesses and jobs during their hibernation during the pandemic – we are now starting to take these prudent steps to restart our economy.” “


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