W. H. O. Warns of “Dangerous Pandemic Phase as the outbreaks of Expansion


But chain rival Cinemark began reopening some theaters in Texas on Friday without requiring masks. “It’s a big country,” Zoradi Brand, Cinemark CEO, told the entertainment world news site Deadline Wednesday. “There are places that need it. California can be one. If necessary, in California, we will comply. There are other places like Texas, where it is not necessary. In these cases, we highly recommend, but don’t require it. ”

Businesses everywhere are grappling with these kinds of decisions, as state rules have loosened and cases have grown. The possibility of repeating openings and closings emerging.

In Arizona, Gila River Hotels and Casinos are closing again this week after reopening in mid-May with new security procedures in place. The company said it would close for two weeks “to see if the recent rise in the Arizona Covid case goes away and to re-examine all aspects of its operation.”

As the coronavirus case increases in many states, there are reasons to be optimistic about the national situation as a whole. Coronavirus deaths in the United States have dropped nearly 700 a day from a peak of more than 2,000 a day, and some of the hardest hit regions have shown steady improvement. New case reports continue to fall in most of the Northeast and much of the Midwest. The Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee, Detroit and New York all areas continue to improve.

But there were also worrying signs in these same regions. The number of cases started an upward trend in Kansas after weeks of decline. La Crosse, Wis., The area is experiencing a period of explosive growth. And new difficulties have arisen in parts of Missouri, Iowa and Pennsylvania.

As more Americans return to the routine, the clusters appear in places that had been largely closed. More than 230 cases were linked to a Pentecostal church in Oregon, and far smaller clusters have been reported recently in churches in Alabama, Wisconsin and West Virginia. The outbreaks have also been reported recently at a Panda Express restaurant in California, an Advance from an Auto Parts store in Colorado, and among athletes at Kansas State University and the University of Texas.

South Carolina state epidemiologist pleaded with locals to wear masks and social outreach as that state identified more than 990 new cases of the virus on Thursday. It was the sixth time in 10 days that the state has broken its only case day.


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