Volkswagen ID 3 R: a hot electric hatch for the launch in 2024


A free software update will be offered once the systems are available. First time buyers can also choose to delay receiving their ID 3 until the systems are fully ready.

The ID 3 will eventually be sold with three battery capacities and two power outputs. The first edition, which has been offered to people who pre-booked a car, will use the medium-sized 58 kWh battery for a claimed range of 261 miles. It will have 201 hp, 229 lb ft and a top speed of 100 mph. It can be charged via a 100kW DC connection or an 11kW AC system.

The ID 3 First will offer three trim levels – basic, Plus and Max – although only the mid-tier Plus version will be offered in the UK when sales begin in mid-July. Although the exact finish in the UK remains to be confirmed, it should include 19-inch alloy wheels, tinted rear windows, a rear view camera and “dynamic” LED lights.

SUV ID 4 followed by an electric sedan and a minivan

After the ID 3 in UK showrooms, the largest ID 4 SUV, whose external dimensions will mirror those of the second generation Tiguan, which will soon be renovated, can accommodate up to five people.

The ID 4 will be revealed at the end of August before the start of deliveries to the United Kingdom in the second quarter of 2021. Two versions will be offered: a standard model with a straight tailgate and an emphasis on versatility and a sportier version with a type profile. cut, potentially using the Cross suffix.

At launch, the ID 4 will be exclusively rear-wheel drive, with a single electric motor delivering up to 201 hp and 229 lb-ft. A more powerful four-wheel drive GTX model running two engines with a combination of 302 hp and 332 lb-ft will join the lineup in the first 12 months of sales.

The ID 4 will be sold with a range of batteries up to 83 kWh, which gives a range of up to 311 miles. All models will also offer a load of up to 125 kW.

Production of the ID 4 is slated to take place in Germany, China and the United States.

Autocar sources confirm that development is already well advanced on production versions of the ID Roomzz, ID Buzz and ID Vizzion concepts, all three of which will debut by the end of 2022.

The production version of the large ID Roomzz SUV, designed mainly for the Chinese and American markets, will keep the concept’s seven-seat layout. It shares the MEB platform with the short-wheelbase ID Buzz MPV / van and is likely to be sold exclusively in a dual-engine and four-wheel drive configuration.

ID Buzz commercial vehicle derivatives are also under development, as foreseen by the ID Cargo concept. The production version will offer two wheelbases and batteries from 48 kWh to 111 kWh – the latter claimed to allow a range of 342 miles.

Welsch has denied reports that the ID Vizzion sedan will replace the Passat. Similar to this combustion engine model, it will be sold both as a sedan and a station wagon and with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.


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