Virtual Le Mans resumes after the red flag is stopped


A radio message was given to all entries as the fifth hour approached, asking cars to line up behind the leader as the timing line approached.The stop had been prepared because the drivers had performed a restart procedure in preparation for the event.

The race control said: “The leaders slow down and stop before the finish line.

“Outes the cars on the right track to line up behind the leader.

“‘entrance to the stands is closed, we have a technical problem with computers. Finish your knees.

Devin Braune, teammate of Nissan Formula E driver Oliver Rowland, was in the lead for 2 Seas Motorsports of more than 90 seconds on the entrance of the Lando Norris/Max Verstappen Redline team at the time of the red flag.

The stoppage will also allow the FA/RB AllInSports entry of two-time Formula 1 world champion Alonso and his co-driver Barrichello to return after their early elimination.

They resumed racing at the back of the LMP field six laps down, after falling 69 laps behind the leaders after Alonso ran out of fuel.

This follows a penalty awarded to the two-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner, who was won in a collision with Simona de Silvestro’s backmarker GTE Porsche, while he was descending the pitlane.

In a mid-race interview before the red flag, Barrichello called on the race marshals to get the car back into the race. And are streaming the entire event, with coverage starting at 13:30 BST on Saturday. There will also be full coverage of all actions and updates on Motorsport Network websites and social media accounts

Watch the race live…


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