Virgil van Dijk ‘so angry’ of Erling Haaland walked away from the interview


Virgil van Dijk would have been so angry at the mistakes he made in defending against Erling Haaland that he walked away from an interview. This is according to former Norwegian star Jan Aage Fjortoft, who explains that he tried to push the central defender from Liverpool to comment on the Salzburg striker.

Liverpool had just beaten the Austrian Champions League team at Anfield, where Takumi Minamino and Haaland had impressed for the minnows.

Van Dijk was asked to comment on Haaland’s abilities after the match, but would have cut short the interview, as he had been very frustrated at remembering the mistakes he had made against the Norwegian.

Virgil van Dijk would have been so angry at the mistakes he made

Fjortoft told the Blood Red podcast: “The first time I saw him [Haaland] live was at Anfield when he arrived and I was amazed that this young child created so much space.

“He scored a goal but he could have had three or four – he was incredible. I was amazed at how he created space and how I define it. This is how his runs are wise and experienced.

“After the match, I interviewed Van Dijk, whom I always like to interview because he is a gentleman, and I said” I have to ask you questions about the Norwegian, Erling Haland “.

Erling Haaland impressed against Liverpool at Anfield

“And he just said, ‘Well, we won the game.’ So I said “Yes, but what do you think of him? “. Van Dijk said, “I haven’t seen him much” and he was a little angry because there were mistakes.

“And I said” It is a good sign for an attacker when a defender says that he has not seen it! – then he just left, Van Dijk. ”

Haaland made a transfer to Dortmund shortly after the loss to Liverpool, where he continued to impress.

Van Dijk is one of the best defenders in the world

He remains linked to a money transfer to the Premier League, with Manchester United among the favorites to recruit him.

But Fjortoft is not convinced that he will find himself in Old Trafford, admitting that the “United” he often talks about is Leeds because it is the city in which he was born.

Fjortoft added: “In Dortmund, he has players like Julian Brandt who sees [his perfectly timed runs].

Haaland later joins Dortmund from Salzburg

“He would be perfect for any club and for Liverpool he’s good – when he talks about United, he’s talking about Leeds United!

“I think he will end up in England at some point, but he is 19 and we should make room for five games without scoring. ”

“We should just wait and see how it goes – it’s in the right place now. ”

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