Vikings’ Dalvin Cook very unlikely to stand for new contract


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Market launch RB: Dalvin Cook’s Chances At Big Deal

Dalvin Cook has allegedly threatened to withdraw from all activities of the team, including training camp and the 2020 season, unless the Minnesota Vikings sign it for a “reasonable” long-term contract. When efforts are felt, however, it is very unlikely that Cook will leave the camp in July.

This is according to Arif Hasan of The Athletic, who joined CBS Sports’ Pick Six NFL Podcast on Thursday to resolve Cook’s contractual situation. When asked to rate Cook’s likelihood of a recession on a scale of 1 to 10, Hasan comfortably answered with a “three.”

“I don’t think it’s very likely,” said Hasan. “The Vikings have not faced many delays in their history, and Dalvin doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy who would. ”

A number of factors justify it, Hasan added, including the uncertainty surrounding the NFL salary cap beyond this pandemic-affected season and the new collective agreement that would make Cook a restricted free agent in 2021 in the event of recession.

“The intense ceiling pressure that may or may not occur in 2021 depending on what is happening in 2020 (means) … he will not be satisfied with the deal that will emerge from this situation,” said Hasan. “And it’s not like a quarterback, not just in terms of value … For Dalvin Cook, where he plays a role where this injury story really counts a lot more … you have this problem. The fact that it won’t last that long in the NFL is going to be a big part of it. ”

Hasan said he was “confident that the Vikings would get a deal,” echoing CBS Sports’ column on why a big deal with Cook was inevitable. Simply put, the Vikings “really believe the type of offense is going through it.”

The question now is whether Cook is actually getting as much money as he wants.


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