Video from Alberta RCMP dashboard camera shows violent arrest of First Nation chief, moments leading up to it



div id=””> Nearly 12-minute RCMP on-board camera video – filed as an exhibit on Thursday – shows the violent arrest and moments of Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation preceded.The video is a court exhibit related to the events that took place in March. Jay Telegdi of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation said on Thursday that Adam’s lawyer had filed a lawsuit to stay the charges “due to numerous violations of Chief Adam’s rights under the Charter of Rights and freedoms ”.

Adam held a press conference on Saturday in which he testified that he was beaten by RCMP officers outside a casino in Fort McMurray, Alberta on March 10 while he and his family were leaving for the night.

He said it started when an RCMP officer approached them about an expired label on their vehicle license plates.

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The RCMP dash camera video shows two people, including Adam, who appear to be in a pickup truck. Adam is then seen leaving the driver’s door and heading for the RCMP vehicle.

About 25 seconds later, he calmly returned to the truck, appeared to be taking something, and returned to the RCMP. He is heard to tell a police officer that he wants him to tell his superiors that he is “tired of being harassed by the RCMP”. The officer told Adam to return to the truck and said he would be there shortly. We hear Adam swear and say that he doesn’t like how the police stopped behind the truck as they watched him and his family.

After a while Adam returns to the police vehicle and asks, “Is there a problem with us getting home?” An officer again asks him to return to the truck.

“You and I are going to have a shit problem,” we hear Adam say when he comes back. Shortly thereafter, an RCMP officer leaves to speak to Adam and Adam is seen walking towards the passenger door.

With the officer at the driver’s door, the two men spoke briefly before Adam started walking towards the RCMP officer while removing his jacket. At this point, a woman exits through the driver’s door. Adam threw his jacket into the truck and climbed back into the vehicle through the passenger door. The woman follows but stays outside with the officer who is then seen grabbing and twisting her arm, at which point she shouts: “ow!”

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“Hey! Leave my wife alone, “we hear Adam come out of the passenger door and seem to overturn the arms of his wife’s officer. The officer puts his hand on his hip in a way that seems to have his hand on his weapon. Adam’s wife approaches and appears to be trying to speak with the officer.

Shortly after, Adam and his wife return to the van where his niece is also located. Adam then leaves the passenger door and a policeman approaches him and tries to grab his arms when sirens can be heard, to which Adam says “don’t touch me.”

At that time, the sirens of another police vehicle can be heard and the door of one vehicle is heard when it closes. The video then shows another officer quickly in sight. The officer then launches into Adam’s neck with a clothesline, knocking Adam over the neck. The video then shows both the officers on Adam and the officer who attacked him, hitting him, shouting “can’t resist”. Adam’s wife and niece watch and the co-pilot tells them to go home.

“What’s wrong with you guys,” said Adam before stepping out of the ground with a bloody face and the officers holding him. He asked his family to obtain the badge numbers of the officers.

A 12-minute video from the RCMP dashcam, which was almost 12 minutes long, was viewed by Global News showing the violent arrest of Chief Allan Adam and the moments leading up to it.

Video of RCMP dashboard camera, provided by Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

“You know you did the wrong thing – do you know?” Adam is heard to say that more RCMP members are arriving and that he is taken to the police vehicle.

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Adam told reporters on Saturday that he felt compelled to talk about the incident because “enough is enough” and that he wanted to shed light on what racialized Canadians are facing during the arrests.

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“We (indigenous peoples) are a minority, and no one speaks for us,” he said on Saturday. “Whenever our employees get it wrong, the RCMP… they always seem to use excessive force. And it must stop. ”

Adam also alleged that the RCMP was already watching him and his family from several parking lots as they got into the truck shortly after 2:00 am the morning of his arrest.

In a press release issued over the weekend, Wood Buffalo RCMP said that officers had started a vehicle stopped on an unoccupied vehicle and idled with an expired license plate when Adam returned to the vehicle, when a confrontation occurred.

The RCMP said that during the incident, Adam resisted the arrest and that the police were “required to use force”. Police said the dashcam video was viewed by superiors.

The RCMP said the officers’ actions were reasonable and did not reach the threshold required for an investigation. However, the Alberta police watchdog – the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team – has since stated that it has been tasked with investigating.

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Adam’s lawyer Brian Beresh asked the RCMP to broadcast the video from the dashboard camera on Saturday and stated that he wanted RCMP officers to wear body cameras while working at outside a police station.

According to Adam, his truck had been seized for 60 days in advance, which is why the vehicle registration was not valid. Beresh said on Saturday that the vehicle was in a police complex for reasons unrelated to Adam himself and that the police had not revealed that the vehicle’s registration had expired when he was released.

In a statement released several days ago, the office of federal Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair said the images and the use of force had “deeply disturbed” them and that all Canadians were entitled to ” culturally competent and unbiased police services ”.

“People across the country have serious questions about this incident, and they deserve full answers,” said the statement. “Although we cannot comment on a specific case that is before the courts, we will closely monitor the progress of these serious and disturbing claims. ”

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Alberta Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer said he would look into what happened in Fort McMurray.

“I am asking for details,” he told Corus Entertainment. The Roy Green Show. He said he did not have enough detail to comment specifically on the arrest of Adam, but he acknowledged “that around the world we are extremely frustrated with the way the police were conducted in the world and we also need to listen to people. ”

Telegdi said on Thursday that he believed the RCMP should suspend the officers involved in the arrest and fire the provincial crown prosecutor for criminal charges.

“It is now clear why the RCMP refused to release the police video to the public,” he said in an email. “This is all due to an expired license plate label.

“The video speaks for itself. ”

Beresh said Thursday that “Chef Adam is lucky because several videos have recorded him.”

“In probably 80% of the cases we deal with, there is no video,” he said, adding that Adam had watched the video and cried every time he saw it.

“I think they should be suspended immediately,” he said of the officers involved. “There must be an investigation.

“I think this is an example of the systemic racism that exists in North America. It can no longer be denied.

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“It is very specific, it shows the use of force. This shows an unreasonable amount of excessive police force used to try to enforce a $ 310 bill.

Adam has been charged with resisting arrest and is scheduled to appear in court on July 2.

–With files from David Akin and Allison Bench from Global News


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