Video: former UFC fighter Matt Riddle made his debut at WWE SmackDown, pins AJ Styles


Many fight fans might be familiar with Matt Riddle in his days of competition under the banner of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), but the “Super King of Bros” is now an official member of the alignment principal of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Jedusor has made her debut on SmackDown in WWE earlier this evening (Friday, June 18, 2020) on FOX when he met with the veteran AJ Styles in the center of the ring. After he claimed that he was going to be the “brother who will direct the show,” Jedusor and Styles are officially entered world war ii. With some advice from his peers at the edge of the ring, Riddle has succeeded in its coup de grâce and was finally pinned Styles, which currently holds the intercontinental championship of the WWE.

Check out some highlights below courtesy of the WWE.

Jedusor, 34 years old, was part of the UFC from 2008 to 2013 after a stint on “The Ultimate Fighter”. After his departure from the promotion, Jedusor had harsh words for the president of the UFC, Dana White, calling the promoter of the fight of”user bald and insecure of TRT”. Jedusor would continue to say that the UFC signed “fight delayed” just to appease the fans of the fighting hungry.


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